Friday, March 31, 2006


When mom starts lecturing, she goes on & on & on.

And when she does that, it means Im really doing something wrong (or not doing anything at all !). So everytime shes lectured me, its been for my betterment. The last time this happened, I pulled up my socks & started speaking. Whats so great about that you'd ask? Well I was a BIIIIIG introvert, & me talking was a manna from heaven for those who were bothered to hear me speak. And today, I can speak nineteen-to-a-dozen ( ok ok. Exagerration ! Who doesnt do it?)

And whats the stimulus this time for my mom to give another dressing down? Well,five months since internship got over, & I still gotta decide where I wanna go after this. Im doing a course in Root canal treatment & cosmetic dentistry that gets over in August. And then what? Do I return to my hometown, where my dads set clinic awaits me, but where there is nothing but work? Or do I settle for a bigger city, where I might have a life, but would take years for me to even start making a profit? These were questions that circled around my head after the conversation with mom. Truly. it felt like the wind had been crushed out of my lungs. What next? is always a toughie. And being a Libran, its all the more tougher to make up my mind.

If I get through this, I swear Im gonna write a testimonial to this

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


If there's not enough shocking news regarding the U.S. "war on terror", here is another one.

A leaked (!) document claims that the U.S. military presence in Iraq has been using 'phospohorus' bombs in air raids. Sounded pretty ok to me till I read up on how phosphorus boms actually work. They are a mish-mash of petroleum jelly, phopshorus compounds & the like, first used during World War 1. And as any science student would verify, phosphorus bursts into flames in contact with air. Imagine the plight of the victim! Once the bomb explodes on or near an unfortunate target, the bomb sets the man/woman/child afire. And this fire is not easily extinguished. Conventional methods of escapes prove futile,as it catches fire as soon as it comes in contact with O2 again. That means, wrapping a blanket or jumping into a pool of water would just retard the march of death, but not stop it.

Imagine dying such a gruesome end!

I fail to understand the purpose of this war on terror. Far from rooting out terrorism, it has only succeeded in spreading fear & hatred, & has astronomiacl death statistics & abuse allegations to show for it. WMD's were not found. Terrorists still survive while the populace suffers. To take by force was never a virtue. To commit such inhuman acts dont qualify for it either.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Just finished reading Ignited minds by APJ Abdul Kalam. Brilliant book.

Simultaneously readin India's struggle for independence & Anne Frank;s diary. Also Got Mein Kampf , Hitler's autobiography stashed away. Should be reading text books for work but cant get enough of these.
Here's a funny one .

In an assembly session in Andhra Pradesh, the Speaker made alllegations against on MP on charges of neglecting duty. This by saying, tumne choodiyan pehen rakhi hai kya? (are you wearin bangles or what?)

The MP was infuriated, but more so the women members who grilled the speaker on terms of insulting women. The MP had the last laugh as he got political mileage out of it by thanking the Speaker for equating him to women who he said he respects unconditionally(what's the harm in sayin it) In the end, gulitly went unpunished whereas the defendant had to pay the price for wrong choice of words. What a laff!!!
Still learning how to keep my blogs short & sweet.

read a few. cut out the punctuations & grammar & viola! short & sweet & definitely more interesting. Readin my blogs make me doze. Wonder how others are coping up!


Dont we all come across people who in some way or the other hold the power to change us or our life? This post is about some people who've directly or indirectly changed my outlook towards life.

Nitu- She's the most bholi & selfless person Ive ever come across. Paragon of virtues in the true sense of the word. Being her friend, I now do believe that there are a few good people still living on this planet. She inspired me to be a better person to everyone around me

Kshitij - Like Nitu, he's one of the gem of a person Ive come across in my life, & boy, am I glad I met him. Coz its important that sinners like me meet people like him to redeem myself. A poet, he has innocence, clarity & goodwill ingrained into him. His enthusiasm is infectious and he taught me to do what is right.

Feblin - One of my best buddies, she too is a little bit like Nitu. Agony aunt for all. Sometimes she is a little dim, but when it really really matters, she can outrace anyone with her logic & sense. She taught me how to have faith in God & to let him bless my life.

Zainab - Quiet & mysterious, what I liked most about her is her positive outlook to life. She taught me to be ever optimistic, & instead of fretting over time gone by, to savour the moment & store happy memories instead of sad.

Neha - One of the most bubbly persons Ive ever met! She is smart & suave without being kiddish. Her maturity belies her age (she's 19). She is a believer & she spreads charm & a feeling of well being. From her I learnt to be patient & believe in God

Madhu- Well I cant say if this woman has taught me anything good. Hahahaha!!!! She's a freak of nature. Crazy, wacko but also sugar-sweet. Im yet to know her as much as I know the above-mentioned, but she deserves a mention here coz from her I learnt to be jumpy & happy in the dreariest of moments. I also learnt that you dont always have to be logical to have fun in life. Sometimes, you can be stupid & do that too!

There are many more who've in some small way made me see various aspects of life. Bikash, Rajiv, Ankur, Sarafaraz. There are also those who got me hooked to their beauty, & though I dont know where they are now, or when Ill meet them, their faces float before my eyes.

Dont we just love them all!


My pal Maddy sez that she works sincerely in the clinic, but once work is over, she puts it out of her mind & concentrates more on relaxing & having fun. That definitely is the right thing to do. Sadly, I cant always keep these things away from my blog. So here I am again, not talking about a patient but about a discussion we had today with our professor.

The topic : Effiecient anesthesia

The funny part is how we, after a period of time tend to think that we know-it-all & dont need any more 'new' knowledge. And the curtains draw on ignorance. The discussion today unlocked a few doors & posed a few questions. Apart from the technique & the amount of anesthetic used, what we also learnt s that needle placement can be crucial to success in treatment. Some new things learnt, some myths dispelled, and some humor added in.

Dr. Jacob Daniel proposes that pain control is largely in our hands, and that when anesthesia doesnt work we often tend to blame the patient having 'psychological' pain. He confers that such a type of pain is non-existent, & is often used to cover up on our failure. How does it start? In college supposedly, when a lecturer comes to demonstrate how anesthesia is given. In the event that his anesthesia does not work, he of course is not going to accept his failure. Ego hassles!!! And so he tells the students, the patient is suffering from psychlogical pain. This false belief gets ingrained in our minds & we carry it into our career, until such enlightenment comes our way

Its funny that someone like me, who is so scared of injections is getting deft in handling it.Why this profession is great is that you get to take away the patient's pain. For that, Im proud to be a dentist. Still, I cant resist bitching about some of my patients ;) For instance, the ones who keep dozing off during treatment. Fultoo annoying if you ask me!

Sunday, March 26, 2006


Got some very senti messages. Couldnt help but post them. Reminds me of school & college days. Here they are

Kuch baatein bhooli hui
Kuch pal beetey huey
Har galti ka ek naya bahana
Aur fir sabke nazar me aana
Exam ki poori raat jaagna
Fir bhi sawaal dekh ke sar khujlana
Mauka mil;e to college bunk maarna
Fir doston ke saath chai peena
Usey dekhne roz college jaana
Dekhte dekhte Yes sir bolna
Har pal ek naya sapna
Aaj jo tootey fir bhi hai apna.
Ye college ke din
Fir na mailengey yaad rakhna
In palo ko jee bhar ke jeena
Yaad kar har roz... muskurana :)

I walk back towards the large gates, breeze rustling leaves across the road, fluterring in the wind.
Walk past the lifeless canteen with no one to shout.
Peep into the empty classes, missing the screams of joy.
Stand at the tree, where a hundred loves were declared & broken.
Asingle tear escapes my eye & falls toward the emptiness of the sands, as my mind races in thought.
Alone I stand, as I think, its all over.
And only memories remain...

A new t-shirt quote at college-
" I pretend to study here.
They pretend to teach me."


There are 4 types of plays. Those with a good story but decent acting. Those with good acting & a decent story. Those which fail in both and those which succeed in both.

Boy gets girl falls in the second category. Its a story of a successful page 3 journalist, a confident, suave personality who is a little bit of a feminist.She goes for a blind date, just to meet something new. Things dont work out & she has to politely ( no, directly) reject the guy's advances. All hell breaks loose as the guy starts stalking her. Theron, the play is about how her life turns topsy-turvy & how, in order to stay alive, she has to forgo everything her life revolves around - her friends, her job, even her own identity.

All the actors have done a great job, in specific the main character Teresa (screen name) and a multimillionaire who she interviews. The multimillionaire started off from scratch. Then one day he came across a success formula & hit it big !!!! His formula ? Movies that "celebrates" women. As in, movies with women having big t*ts & tight a**es. Needless to say, this is one breast obsessed MCP.

The show undoubtedly belongs to Teresa. She makes to feel for her through her actions & anguish in her voice. Her joy, her sadness, her anguish, her anger, all makes you feel as a part of what is happening. Truly, the best piece of acting Ive seen in a long. long time.

Great play. Long live theatre!!!!


Watched Being Cyrus recently. I had the choice between this movie & Walk The Line, which Ive heard is a fine movie. But Johnny Cash is someone who I ve read about a bit, so I decided to go ahead for Being Cyrus, what with all the critical acclaim & rave reviews it has received

The first half of the movie is no great shakes. It deals with Saif ( Cyrus) responding to Naseeruddin's ad for a pottery assistant. Naseer is a recluse, & is almost on the verge of madness (though the silent kind) & a waste in the sack. So its obvious Dimple (Katie) would flirt outrageously with Cyrus. Boman Irani is Naseers brother - a money minded, ruthless fellow who is keeping their father under ransom in a small, dingy room, inspite of the fact that the father owns the entire building. This ownership issue is something Dimple is ambitious about & she wants Cyrus to tapkaao the odl man & Boman so that Naseer & Dimple can take over the property. This is what happens till the 1st half of this 90 minutes short movie. As I said, the first half drags, with description of mundane details about how the family lives their lives - the cop who flirts with Boman's wife. Saif's sympathetic meetings with Boman's dad. The dreamy world that Naseer (and his pot-literally) live in. And the ambition harboured by Dimple.

The 2nd half mkes more sense as threads of logic finally start binding events & people and things start falling in place. The ending is something that might or might not elicit an "ohhh!!!" from you. This half makes sense, but there are some psycho dreams that Cyrus keeps having which dont make much sense & dont really contribute to the storyline.

The background music is simple & melodious, & flows with the narrative. However, this is a story of a dysfunctional Parsi family, & the music largely sounds Latin .

Dimple and the guy who plays Dad have done a good job. Naseer has hardly anything to do. Boman is his usual Munnabhai MBBS style. Saif is ok.

Somewhere along the movie, I got a feeling that the movie has been sponsored by Hutch. Reason? Well, in a scene there are hutch posters plastered on the sidewalk. Then during a tv viewing, the Hutch jingle " You & I" keeps playing. And the strongest hint yet, is the cuter-than-anyone Pug dog, who loves to pee on Boman's car tyre, and also bite him once in a while. There are a few good dialogues too. Sample : Saif narrates how Katie had a penchant for flirting. How other people make eye contact. But Katie preferred to make breast contact!!!!! Another good one is the one the 'papa' says to Saif. "After a game of chess, the pawn & the king, go back to the same box." Quite a few dialogue are in Parsi but sounds pretty much similar to Hindi so not much cause of worry there.

Overall, a decent movie on CD. The cinematography & sequencing of events is well choreographed. I wouldnt recommend this movie to those who like the same old Indian movie. This one's something different! Not great, but not bad either.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Ever had a day when everything that can go wrong does?

This was my condition yesterday. It was a routine case. Make the patient sit, apply the rubber dam (helps in isolation, preventing contamination from saliva & also helps shut up the patient) & commence work.

The trouble began when I tried to put the rubber dam. Im new at this accompaniment, and so it was acceptable that I would struggle a bit with it. but the struggle went beyond the normal. It all started when in an attempt to place the dam, I ended up tearing the latex sheet. If that wasnt enough, I did everything that was opposite to how the text supposes the dam is ought to be placed. So here I was, puching the wrong size hole, placing the wrong size clamp to hold the sheet in place. As a result, the sheet wasnt in place and popped right back!!! Imagine my embarassment when my assistant, Malathi, who knows little about dentistry scolded me & siad, you are using the wrong clamp sir. To add insult to injury, my patient decided to add his valuable opinion too.

"Doctor,. I think you are too tired today. That's why you are making so many mistakes. I think you should give me another appointment. I'll come later."

Once I got the dam in place, the treatment wentr smoothly. But those initial moments were like I had been tossed off the cliff. My efficiency had taken a dive & I was no better than a tortoise with a bad hangover.

Note to self : Gotta be more alert!

Monday, March 20, 2006


After my internship in my 5 year course of B.D.S. (Bachelor of dental surgery- aka Badey Doctor Sahib, aka Battees Daanton Ka safaaya, aka Brain deficiency syndrome) got over, I knew I had no chances of getting a Post-grad seat this year. So I applied for a diploma course in Root canal treatment under Dr. Jacob Daniel in his dental hospital. The first month was all pre-clinical i.e. working on extracted teeth so that we'd realise our faults, correct them & hopefully, not repeat them on patients per se.

The month being over, the time for baptism drew close. We came down to the clinical section. No reassurances. No concessions. It was straight from the frying pan into the fire. the first day at work turned out to be disastrous.

Medical ethics says its unethical to talk about your patients, but pardon me, Ill do it anyhow. Only because it was my first RCT case, and coz he was a specimen by himself. Before I could even touch him, he squeaked (yes, squeaked!!!) like Sachin Tendulkar - "It wont hurt no?"

If I hadnt been so nervous, I would have made sure Id have given him pain. However, thats not the objective of a Dentist. His job is to alleviate pain. So I assured him the procedure would be painless. Giving the injection was a pain because he wouldnt stop moving his tongue & pushed the needle away everytime. Finally when I got it right, he wailed & squealed like a baby. Gawd! Ive known kids who take dental treatment better than him.

Proceeding with the case, I realised it was not such an easy case. The combination of excess salivation, patient's fear of pain, my nervousness - wasn't ideal. It took me well over 3 and a half hours to accomplish what takes say, 15 minutes. But I can be forgiven for that. First case, mon amis!

Nevertheless, the day taught me a few lessons. Once we finish BDS, we tend to get a little complacent. We think we know everything & nothing is going to stop us. Well, he did!!! The day was bad only because of my hubris. Im thankful to Pavan, the patient, for giving me a tough time, because through patients like him, I become tougher, more alert, more committed. The day may have been rotten, but it inspires me to do better. And guess what, I AM doing better now. Hope to continue the trend :0)


You know what's really funny?

When the whole world ( well almost the whole of it) believes, or would like to believe that I can dare to sample the most unpalatable things in the world (which is, fortunately, not the truth). And what is funnier is that all the Indian Chinese elders that I have met often talk about what people in other countries eat!

They spoke a lot about people/friends in phoren who eat scorpions, ants, snakes, blah blah blah. Please dont read this if you are having your food or planning to. Lol ;) This coming from those very people who the world believes, eats anything that moves. Hilarious I say !

My hometown, Dhanbad, has been blessed with lizards. The slimy things are all over the place and therefore, Im immune to them. The sight of them doesnt creep me out. But there still are many poor sould who find them utterly replulsive, moreso newcomers to Dhanbad, who get quite a reptilian shock! So there was this Bengali standing in mortal fear behind me when we were waiting for the lift. The reason? You guessed it. just to divert his attention, I told him there was nothing to be scared of the reptilians. Pat came the reply, "Why would you find anything scary in them? You eat them!!!!" I should have gotten angry. I should have neaten the sh*t out of him. But hey! Can you blame me for having the laugh of my life. the next 30 minutes went in hysterical laughter. It took much longer to regain my composure. Seriously, can you blame me? lol!

Worry not pardner. I am like you. I eat only what other non-vegetarians in India do. Mutton, fish, pork, crab, chicken (thats come down due to the bird flu). Really, how preposterous to assume otherwise ;0)


Why are we 'like this only'?

Im talking about the mentality of most of my fellow countrymates.

I was in Mumbai recently, travelling in the local train. After having rushed to and fro a few times, it suddenly dawned on me that the train bogies had grilled windows (tube-light). I couldnt understand why. My reasoning told me that probably it was to discourage the burgeoning crowd of passengers from hanging on to the windows. The local train carries 70-80 % of Mumbai's population, and even at 12 in the night, you can find the trains jampacked. That's it, I thought. What other logic could there be? But just to be sure I asked my Uncle what the reason for the armouring was. The reply was surprising.

The grills were not to prevent hanging passengers & unwanted accidents at all. It was to protect the passengers from onlookers. Confused? Well, there is a multitude out there which worships causing harm to others. Every now & then a frustrated youth decides that throwing a rock at the passing train, and in the process damaging public property or causing serious harm to a passenger is a great way to 'relieve' tension. I couldnt believe what I was hearing. And so I dismissed the notion. Surely, people werent that bored in life.

Oft said, we dont believe until we see it with our very own eyes. So an incident outside my house in Bangalore opened my mind to this reality that we decide to cocoon ourselves from. A railway crossing mere minutes away from my house. A passing train. And a youth who decides to have some fun by chucking a glass bottle at the train. A passenger standing at the door of the train. The bottle misses. Shards of glass everywhere. A few swear words are heard. The youth & his friends are elated by the task. I shudder to think what would have happened had the bottle found its target.

This is just one of the few examples. Now that the festival of Holi has just gone by, more thoughts are evoked. On the eve of Holi, a female journalist reporting the celebrations was molested by a group high on bhaang. Her clothes torn, the cameraman beaten up & the camera trashed. In places like Bihar & Uttar Pradesh, many people use everything other than color to celebrate the festival of colors. Kerosene. Sewage water. Toxic waste. And what not. Im not generalising all the people in these states. It happens in other states too. The celebrations ignited riots in Mumbai. Many people I know celebrate by beating each other up (!!!) & tearing each others' clothes.

Is violence ingrained in our country? Our country is growing in every sense of the world, but why are the people still living in the primitive ages? If such mentality is going to continue, then man will be reduced from a 'social animal' to just an 'Animal'.


On my daily morning jog, I come across a familiar sight everyday. Vans & buses picking up children to their way to school. Authorities comment that to reduce pollution & congestion on the roads, such car pooling & use of common vehicles should be encouraged.

However, I couldnt help noticing the way the children were packed into the vehicles. To borrow a phrase, they were "packed like sardines into a can".

Its the responsibility of the schools to ensure there is proper & comfortable transport available for the children. No point getting squished in a van & starting off the day in such a way. If I was one of the children, I would be in a foul mood the whole day long!

It cant be helped - is not the right attitude. Schools got to stop being so stingy & provide decent transportation. And parents need to speak up.

Sunday, March 19, 2006


Dont ask me what prompted me to write this one. Could be the fact that I watched the winner of this year's Oscar for best movie. Could be that it brought back some suppressed memories.

The movie got me thinking. We are Black. We are White. We are yellow. We are brown. We are so many colors, which should have been turned a blind eye to. Open fact that under all these colors we have the same color - the red of blood!

There is an interesting passage in the Merchant of Venice by the famous villain. If you read this, you don't really know whether it is justified to call him a villain. His name is Shylock and for as long as he can remember, he wants to avenge himself on his do-gooder rival, Antonio. Shylock belongs to the low-caste money lenders, & thus is discrimated against often. Ultimately when he does get his chance to extract revenge, he taunts Antonio.

"You have defied me much. For what? For the crime of being different? Are we not men? Do we not feel thirsty? Do we not feel hunger? When you hurt us, do we not feel pain? And when you kill us, do we not die?"

These words have an amazing power behind them. It truly shows that racism is not propagated by the 'bad' alone. The 'good', willingly or unwillingly, practice it too. This story was written by Shakespeare eons ago, but it holds true to this day.

There's another piece, and this one too is sure to grab your attention.

"When I was born I was black
When I was sick I was black
When I was happy I was black
When I was angry I was black
When I die, I will still be black.
When you were born you were blue
When you were sick you were yellow
When you were happy you were pink
When you were angry you were red
When you die, you will be white.
And you have the gall to call ME coloured! " - Anonymous

What is it that drives one to this insanity? I have been target to this insanity, so I speak from experience, so to speak. Being a Chinese living in India, I have been taunted & crucified relentlessly in the early years of my life. Boarding life was tough, since parents were not around and I could do nought to face up to the jeers of hundreds! Those days are far behind me now. Im a much stronger person, & anyone who dares show malicious intent, suffers. But over all the years, inspite of being a target, Ive never understood this madness.

Whites discriminate against blacks, browns. Browns against yellows and so on. When will all this end? We talk of globalism & diversity of life. Is this what we are trying to hide behind fantastic statistics? Once a batchmate of mine had a quarrel with me, and to get an upper hand, he tried the racist card. He accused me of not caring for the country, because I was not even Indian. This coming from him who had come from Nepal to study in India. My forefathers have lived in this country & I can proudly say that Im more Indian than most who pretend allegiance. But the madness continues.

Still wondering why I wrote this piece? Watch "Crash". It gets your blood boiling. But that is not enough. Fight against it. If you cant do much on the larger scale, atleast you can take a small step & be humane by treating anyone & everyone with respect, irrespective of the color of skin. Do this, will you?


What is a Kiss if its not a French kiss?

A disgruntled writer once vent his frustrations in print, going on to say that he couldnt understand how a poker faced person like Emraan Hashmi could get to smooch so many gorgeous babes! The expression in the words was, by itslef, hilarious. But of course guys cant deny being a wee bit envious of the Hashmi chokra. But with Emraan and Mallika Sherawat, did start the erstwhile hush hush topic of kissing.

Now kissing is something that all of us do at some stage of life. We start off with affectionate kisses to Mom & Dad, and go on to innocent kisses to the opposite sex or to close friends. And as we grow, the kiss takes on a life of its own... very different from what we started out with.

Take me for instance. i started early. I kissed a girl when I was just about learning to tie my own shoelaces. Of course, it was innocent with no malice attached, and being a kid, wth no meaning either. Of late, I would still say Im relatively new to french kissing. And hilarious as it may sound, I dont think girls would find the idea of kissing me interesting. Reason? Well, its gotta do with my coarse facial hair. Chinese after all man. So my face definitely would feel like hi-grit sandpaper to those daring to be proximate to me. LoL ;) It would really be interesting to see the reaction of the person who's gonna get that close

Any tips from anyone? Ill be waiting ;)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Re: Being Single Being Me

Hey Meiyang!
Hmm, I've never done blogs before so this is something new to me. I was trying to figure out how to "reply back" to your post but the only button I could find was "Create a new post" hehe..well learning experience I guess.

I agree with you with what you have to say. You know, it's funny you mention sacrifice in a relationhip. One of my friends just broke up with his girlfriend and he called me late at night because he was devastated. He loves her a lot but she just can't seem to think that things will work out. What's interesting for me is that the girl is also a really close friend of mine and i've had conversations with her and know what it is that she is going through. It's a very tough call for because of family and he can't understand why she can't even give it a shot. Anyway, the reason why I'm telling you all this is because he mentioned to me that he has done so much for her, changed so much for her and I know that he even "stopped" hanging out with his buddies because he was constantly with her. When i heard this, I told him, never to change for anybody unless it is something that you want to do for your own self. In fact, it's kind of silly that he says that he did all the stuff that he did for her sake. I don't agree with it because every person has a choice - to do or not to do. You think you do it for the one you love but in reality, it's for yourself. And that's how it should be.

Relationships do mean sacrifices but ones that mean losing of friends because the person you love doesn't like them, I'm a bit wary of. Mashallah I'm blessed with a companion who is completely understanding and unlike other boyfriends/girlfriends that I've seen in my friends' circle, we do not stop each other from hanging out with friends, regardless of their gender! :) Actually, love isn't about sacrifice - I like to see it as a compromise. But then, both those words don't do justice to what I mean. When you love someone whole-heartedly, you would never impose something on them that will cause hurt or pain. However, there are times when certain things may not be compatible with the significant others' taste/choice and then, it's up to you as their companion to make a decision.

Having said all of this, I'd like to say that I'm one of those people who try their best to remain optimistic! It's difficult to see yourself fall in love once again because you're afraid of the mess. However, when you find that special someone, all barriers will fall and there will be nothing but love in the air! Most importantly, have faith in God and know that things happen in life - all for good reasons. I find it comforting to know that in all that happens (good or bad), there is the Mercy of The Divine. Ameen. :)


Ever wondered how it feels to lose those oh-so-valuable Five senses?

Let me tell you how it feels.

When in over-enthusiasm you apply Tiger balm not only on your forehead but close to your eyes as well. The results can be devastating. Cold water aggravates it and you make incomprehensible sounds like "nyaaaaarrrggghhhhh!!!!!!", punctuated with tons of swear words. Moral - Tiger balm is meant for any part of the body other than the eyes. It can help when you want to irritate the sh*t out of somebody though!

Try drowning!!! On my Goa trip in August last year, a sudden malicious wave swept an unsuspecting me off my feet. The feeling of not having ground under your feet is mortifying. In contrast, when gravity slowly brings you underwater, you realise that the silence is deathfully peaceful. Quite the opposite of the intended fate. And no, my life didnt flash before my eyes. I'm grateful to the second wave which realised what an asset(!) I am to this world, and brought me back ashore.

Well dont we all have this! This is a medical term implying loss of the sense of smell. Most often caused by the bane of this world - common cold! We are going to live a long time with that!

They say Greed is bad. And rightly so. Often dishes hot off the plate are gobbled up by hogs like me. The result is almost always a scalded tongue. Poor taste buds of mine undergo this inhuman torture & then of course I suffer coz I cant f**king taste anything. And as luck would have it, I get to eat the yummiest food (according to others) during this very phase. Harrrrumph!

This one is easy. Not many might have it, but having given a lot of anesthesia to patients, i know what it can do. a lot of help to me for sure, but I wouldnt want it in all thw wrong places. Innit? No no no!!!! I dont deal with General anesthesia. I do not put patients to sleep. I shall definitely do that the day a HOT patient walks into my humble abode. Now thats wat I call real anesthesia! Apart from that, try getting slapped hard across the face. Yes, that makes you numb too!

Friday, March 10, 2006


A thought provoking movie by Prakash Jha. Based on a true story of Bihar where a few known criminals were blinded in police custody using Acid !The research behind the movie says that crime is rampant in Bihar like in no other place. Its so bad that you just cannot expect to have any justice done once crime has been committed. In this backdrop, when a few known criminals were caught, the police took the law in their own hands and blinded them. human rights activists termed it 'inhuman'.

The debate is... dont such vile people, who ve killed/raped/looted so many inncocents, deserve such a fate? Isnt what they do, inhuman too? Why do these Groups never raise their voice enough that something is not being done to quell crime? And why do they raise the tempo when somebody actually has the guts to punish them?Dont they deserve kudos rather than brickbats?

Violence is not the answer to our problems, but then this is not Gandhiji's envisioned country anymore either.


What does being single mean?To some, freedom. To some, loneliness.I'm a person who believes in both, as the situation might be.I love my friends. Not very close to family coz Ive been in a hostel all my life. Hence, friends are my lifeline. 5 yrs ago wehn I got into a relationship I had to sacrifice a lot, even time with my friends. Now I agree that a little bit of sacrifice is necessary in a relationship. But this relationship was never meant to be & it ate into the yrs that I should have spent in joy with friends. Once I got out, I was among people who I loved most,once again. I do not regret being out of the relationship. Maybe im not ready to sacrifce everything for anyone, no matter who that may be. Im not that kind of person. Plus, in this case the person I was in love with was completely incompatible with me. So u could say that I feel born again outside this relation. Ive been very happy for the past year and a half. At the same time, Ive been wary not to fall for someone again because Im scared of getting into a mess again . So Ive been happy, flirting around, and making many many more friends in the past yr and a half than I made in those 4 yrs.But as I said, I believe in both the freedom & the loneliness of being single. Inspite of the wariness, inspite of the emotional void, inspite of great friends support, I feel lonely sometimes. these are times when I may be high up in the clouds, or down in the deepest dump. Times when I just feel like holding someone tight. To hug that someone. To kiss that someone. Desperation???? Naaaaaaaaaah !!!! All of us need companionship. We find that chiefly thru friends. But often , the wholeness can be provided by only that someone special.So as far as Im happy in life, I believe being single means FREEDOM. At those rare weak moments, I consider it a burden. What do you think?


I recently went for a play called 'Theft' at Ranaga Shanakara, Bangalore. Its about how a family gets burgled one night, and they have their neighbours' and best friends' shoulders to cry on. The trouble starts when they realise the burglar is still in the house. One by one, the wily thief unravels their secrets, baiting them with temptation, monetary & otherwise. While everybody is trying to turn the thief in, the skeletons in their closets come tumbling out. Infidelity, hypocrisy, friendship for money, and how we all have our dark secrets was the theme of the play.
Watching the play reminded me of the 2 plays that I myself had participated in when I was in Wynberg Allen School, Musssoorie for my +2. The first was the longest running play in the world, The mousetrap by Agatha Christie, & the second, An Inspector calls by J.B. Priestley. Why this play reminded me of them was because they also dealt with a similar theme. How in Mousetrap, there is a murderer on the loose, and the chase for the slippery character leads to unfurling of the darkest emotions & moments of human nature. An inspector calls portrayed the same fallacies which were in one way or another connected to a girl's suicide in a nursing home. Fine plays all of them, but he Mousetrap certainly stands head & feet above the rest.
In the Mousetrap, I was not a cast member but the prompter. I had auditioned for the role of Mr. Paravicini, a lecher of a man. And at that stage of life, I was an introvert & mighty shy of girls, so I couldnt relate to the role & thus could no do jusice to it. Ultimately i decided to be the prompter to learn the nuances of play acting.
The cast included some of the best actors in my school. There was Saad Siddiqui as the Inspector, who with his cool demeanour fooled everbody. Pooja as Molly the harassed & guilt ridden , and often, self-inquisitive housewife. Aziz as her husband, often confused & perplexed by his wife 's attitude. Rachni as the Judge with a history of biased judgements. Anubhav as Mr. Paravicini, & Shrishti Shakya, one of the most beautiful girls Ive ever met as a guest. Apart from on-stage antics, there was a lot of romance brewing backstage as well. Anubhav-Shristi, Rachni-Vikrant, and so on. As I said I was shy of girls so there s nothing that I was involved in. But my massive crush for Shristi is probably known only to me.
If I had to remember all those events happening during the play, ths space wouldnt be enough. Suffices to say that it was challenging and fun at the same time. An inspector calls had me playing the fiancee of the daughter of an eminent businessman. And like Molly in Mousetrap, this character too was kind-hearted but guilt ridden. he had never done anything wrong in life but still felt guilty for a lot of things beyond his control.
Having acted in plays before, I understand how difficult it is for the actors on stage. To remember lines, to be audible & clear is a mean task. And thats why it is important not only to laugh or cry with the performance, but also to appreciate the effort & toil gone into it. You can be a critic too. If you have been in a goood length play, you ll know exactly where who s gone wrong. But at the end of it all, it is imperative to congratulate the cast & the playwright for a job well done. Ive always wanted to act in plays after that stint in school. But my profession does not allow me that uch time to indulge in acting which requires lot of time & practice. I had the chance for auditioning for a radio play once, the rehearsals for which were to be spread over weekends for 5 months. Unfortunately, that kind of free time was not forthcoming. But I do hope that in the future I get such opportunities, because the emotions involved with plays are overwhelming & exhilarating

THe CRaZe BeiNG FeNG- SHui

There is a recent crze in my country for Feng-shui.

India, being a land of superstitions has always relied a lot on astrologers, vaastu, panditji ka prediction & so on. In this huge list comes Feng-shui too, the Chinese equivalent of Vaastu Shastra.. the Indian science of home making in the most positive & beneficial way possible.

And therein lies the irony.

Im Chinese. My forefathers migrated to India eons ago. That makes me a 3rd generation Indian Chinese. And being so, I know that the amount of importance that Indians attach to feng-shui is ruefully absent in the Indian Chinese. Point being, they do not believe in Feng-shui. They consider it to be something rather wasteful & make fun of the principles put forward in it, as in , placement of chimes or other objects to deflect the evil eye & to attract positive chi (energy).And there are books being written on this ancient art by various indian authors, & they sell like hot cakes! So far, I haven't come across one book on feng-shui by a chinese author in India. Nor have I come across an Indian Chinese who's built his house accroding to it. Except for my father. He's a little old-fashioned I might add. But that just adds it up.

Ironic isnt it?