Sunday, March 19, 2006


What is a Kiss if its not a French kiss?

A disgruntled writer once vent his frustrations in print, going on to say that he couldnt understand how a poker faced person like Emraan Hashmi could get to smooch so many gorgeous babes! The expression in the words was, by itslef, hilarious. But of course guys cant deny being a wee bit envious of the Hashmi chokra. But with Emraan and Mallika Sherawat, did start the erstwhile hush hush topic of kissing.

Now kissing is something that all of us do at some stage of life. We start off with affectionate kisses to Mom & Dad, and go on to innocent kisses to the opposite sex or to close friends. And as we grow, the kiss takes on a life of its own... very different from what we started out with.

Take me for instance. i started early. I kissed a girl when I was just about learning to tie my own shoelaces. Of course, it was innocent with no malice attached, and being a kid, wth no meaning either. Of late, I would still say Im relatively new to french kissing. And hilarious as it may sound, I dont think girls would find the idea of kissing me interesting. Reason? Well, its gotta do with my coarse facial hair. Chinese after all man. So my face definitely would feel like hi-grit sandpaper to those daring to be proximate to me. LoL ;) It would really be interesting to see the reaction of the person who's gonna get that close

Any tips from anyone? Ill be waiting ;)

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