Sunday, March 26, 2006


Watched Being Cyrus recently. I had the choice between this movie & Walk The Line, which Ive heard is a fine movie. But Johnny Cash is someone who I ve read about a bit, so I decided to go ahead for Being Cyrus, what with all the critical acclaim & rave reviews it has received

The first half of the movie is no great shakes. It deals with Saif ( Cyrus) responding to Naseeruddin's ad for a pottery assistant. Naseer is a recluse, & is almost on the verge of madness (though the silent kind) & a waste in the sack. So its obvious Dimple (Katie) would flirt outrageously with Cyrus. Boman Irani is Naseers brother - a money minded, ruthless fellow who is keeping their father under ransom in a small, dingy room, inspite of the fact that the father owns the entire building. This ownership issue is something Dimple is ambitious about & she wants Cyrus to tapkaao the odl man & Boman so that Naseer & Dimple can take over the property. This is what happens till the 1st half of this 90 minutes short movie. As I said, the first half drags, with description of mundane details about how the family lives their lives - the cop who flirts with Boman's wife. Saif's sympathetic meetings with Boman's dad. The dreamy world that Naseer (and his pot-literally) live in. And the ambition harboured by Dimple.

The 2nd half mkes more sense as threads of logic finally start binding events & people and things start falling in place. The ending is something that might or might not elicit an "ohhh!!!" from you. This half makes sense, but there are some psycho dreams that Cyrus keeps having which dont make much sense & dont really contribute to the storyline.

The background music is simple & melodious, & flows with the narrative. However, this is a story of a dysfunctional Parsi family, & the music largely sounds Latin .

Dimple and the guy who plays Dad have done a good job. Naseer has hardly anything to do. Boman is his usual Munnabhai MBBS style. Saif is ok.

Somewhere along the movie, I got a feeling that the movie has been sponsored by Hutch. Reason? Well, in a scene there are hutch posters plastered on the sidewalk. Then during a tv viewing, the Hutch jingle " You & I" keeps playing. And the strongest hint yet, is the cuter-than-anyone Pug dog, who loves to pee on Boman's car tyre, and also bite him once in a while. There are a few good dialogues too. Sample : Saif narrates how Katie had a penchant for flirting. How other people make eye contact. But Katie preferred to make breast contact!!!!! Another good one is the one the 'papa' says to Saif. "After a game of chess, the pawn & the king, go back to the same box." Quite a few dialogue are in Parsi but sounds pretty much similar to Hindi so not much cause of worry there.

Overall, a decent movie on CD. The cinematography & sequencing of events is well choreographed. I wouldnt recommend this movie to those who like the same old Indian movie. This one's something different! Not great, but not bad either.

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