Friday, March 10, 2006


What does being single mean?To some, freedom. To some, loneliness.I'm a person who believes in both, as the situation might be.I love my friends. Not very close to family coz Ive been in a hostel all my life. Hence, friends are my lifeline. 5 yrs ago wehn I got into a relationship I had to sacrifice a lot, even time with my friends. Now I agree that a little bit of sacrifice is necessary in a relationship. But this relationship was never meant to be & it ate into the yrs that I should have spent in joy with friends. Once I got out, I was among people who I loved most,once again. I do not regret being out of the relationship. Maybe im not ready to sacrifce everything for anyone, no matter who that may be. Im not that kind of person. Plus, in this case the person I was in love with was completely incompatible with me. So u could say that I feel born again outside this relation. Ive been very happy for the past year and a half. At the same time, Ive been wary not to fall for someone again because Im scared of getting into a mess again . So Ive been happy, flirting around, and making many many more friends in the past yr and a half than I made in those 4 yrs.But as I said, I believe in both the freedom & the loneliness of being single. Inspite of the wariness, inspite of the emotional void, inspite of great friends support, I feel lonely sometimes. these are times when I may be high up in the clouds, or down in the deepest dump. Times when I just feel like holding someone tight. To hug that someone. To kiss that someone. Desperation???? Naaaaaaaaaah !!!! All of us need companionship. We find that chiefly thru friends. But often , the wholeness can be provided by only that someone special.So as far as Im happy in life, I believe being single means FREEDOM. At those rare weak moments, I consider it a burden. What do you think?


  1. here's to freedom then chang:)..single,mingle, rock anyway:)

  2. well scripted...i echo your thoughts.

    hi...i'm here thru ur comments on 1$ saint's blogpage.liked ur blogspot and going thru it.

  3. I agree with you on this 100%....there's nothing like being single 'again'!!

    There's a difference between those who have been single and those who have come out of a bad relationship to become single 'again'... been there and done that too!!!

    We are the ones who truly realise what being single one to bind one to one to keep waiting for!!! Rather you have the whole world at your eye's disposal! ;-)

    Yea I do agree..that there are those rare occassions when you wish you had that someone special to share your special moments intimately...but then again...I wouldn't want to lose all what I get by being single just for my momentary intimate satisfaction!! :D

    So bottom line is...we're single 'again' lets rock on!!!