Sunday, March 26, 2006


There are 4 types of plays. Those with a good story but decent acting. Those with good acting & a decent story. Those which fail in both and those which succeed in both.

Boy gets girl falls in the second category. Its a story of a successful page 3 journalist, a confident, suave personality who is a little bit of a feminist.She goes for a blind date, just to meet something new. Things dont work out & she has to politely ( no, directly) reject the guy's advances. All hell breaks loose as the guy starts stalking her. Theron, the play is about how her life turns topsy-turvy & how, in order to stay alive, she has to forgo everything her life revolves around - her friends, her job, even her own identity.

All the actors have done a great job, in specific the main character Teresa (screen name) and a multimillionaire who she interviews. The multimillionaire started off from scratch. Then one day he came across a success formula & hit it big !!!! His formula ? Movies that "celebrates" women. As in, movies with women having big t*ts & tight a**es. Needless to say, this is one breast obsessed MCP.

The show undoubtedly belongs to Teresa. She makes to feel for her through her actions & anguish in her voice. Her joy, her sadness, her anguish, her anger, all makes you feel as a part of what is happening. Truly, the best piece of acting Ive seen in a long. long time.

Great play. Long live theatre!!!!

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