Friday, March 10, 2006

THe CRaZe BeiNG FeNG- SHui

There is a recent crze in my country for Feng-shui.

India, being a land of superstitions has always relied a lot on astrologers, vaastu, panditji ka prediction & so on. In this huge list comes Feng-shui too, the Chinese equivalent of Vaastu Shastra.. the Indian science of home making in the most positive & beneficial way possible.

And therein lies the irony.

Im Chinese. My forefathers migrated to India eons ago. That makes me a 3rd generation Indian Chinese. And being so, I know that the amount of importance that Indians attach to feng-shui is ruefully absent in the Indian Chinese. Point being, they do not believe in Feng-shui. They consider it to be something rather wasteful & make fun of the principles put forward in it, as in , placement of chimes or other objects to deflect the evil eye & to attract positive chi (energy).And there are books being written on this ancient art by various indian authors, & they sell like hot cakes! So far, I haven't come across one book on feng-shui by a chinese author in India. Nor have I come across an Indian Chinese who's built his house accroding to it. Except for my father. He's a little old-fashioned I might add. But that just adds it up.

Ironic isnt it?


  1. If you look at buildings built 20 years ago, you'd see that they do not follow the vaastushaastra. But almost all the buildings built these days conform to the vastu standard. If not vastu, it is feng shui. We just *need* to believe in something that we think will just make everything right. It is like believing in wearing your lucky shirt and taking your lucky pen to the exam when you're not sure if you've prepared well.

    On a lighter note, my husband was remarking the other day that the concept of vaastu was started by thieves - so they would know exactly where valuables of would be kept :)

  2. hey didn't knew you are an avid blogger, have gone through all ur posts or rather say scanned and marked for myself which one to read.... thanks to ricky from who gave ur blogs link... am a good fan of ur's not only ur singing but your accent and the way you speak hindi which I must say we Indian lack a lot...
    Coming to your post, Well agree India is land full of superstitions and some what my husband too believe in few of them which I keep on having argument with him for that and I don't believe in any of those... have heard a lot of chinese Feng chui and know that these days indians too are following them, don't know following in right sense or wrong but know lots of ppl whom house if I go will found those artifacts which I find cute and they tell me about it's importance... I too have collected few of those from my singapore trip but I don't know the exact positioning and all but to me they seem lovely and are part of my precious collection.
    And the other thing I like about these things are that most of them are bright red which I love a lot, again don't know it's significance

  3. Rinzin2:48 PM

    Happy new year Chang. I had a good read..the day just went by...couldn't stop until this page. Wishing you all the happiness in this year and years ahead. Good day.