Friday, March 10, 2006


A thought provoking movie by Prakash Jha. Based on a true story of Bihar where a few known criminals were blinded in police custody using Acid !The research behind the movie says that crime is rampant in Bihar like in no other place. Its so bad that you just cannot expect to have any justice done once crime has been committed. In this backdrop, when a few known criminals were caught, the police took the law in their own hands and blinded them. human rights activists termed it 'inhuman'.

The debate is... dont such vile people, who ve killed/raped/looted so many inncocents, deserve such a fate? Isnt what they do, inhuman too? Why do these Groups never raise their voice enough that something is not being done to quell crime? And why do they raise the tempo when somebody actually has the guts to punish them?Dont they deserve kudos rather than brickbats?

Violence is not the answer to our problems, but then this is not Gandhiji's envisioned country anymore either.


  1. You should watch the movie Amu if available in India. A thought provoking movie about the 1984 massacre of Sikhs in Delhi. We in Vancouver, BC (Canada) were privileged enough to meet the director after the movie for some intimate discussions about her view and how she directed the movie. Her personal experience during the time is reflected in the movie and the passion she brought to the discussion still echoes in my ear.

    In watching the movie, my life has taken a transformative change and I've vowed that God willing, I'll be able to bring forth changes as opposed to ones sitting around and just saying that something should be done.

  2. Its great to see that you are one of those who are really moved by events around you , and that you have the will to create a 'movementy' yourself. I shall be very interested in your activities to this front.

    Hopefully I'll pick up a brownie point or two from you. Let me know if you need my support or assistance for anything