Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Ever had a day when everything that can go wrong does?

This was my condition yesterday. It was a routine case. Make the patient sit, apply the rubber dam (helps in isolation, preventing contamination from saliva & also helps shut up the patient) & commence work.

The trouble began when I tried to put the rubber dam. Im new at this accompaniment, and so it was acceptable that I would struggle a bit with it. but the struggle went beyond the normal. It all started when in an attempt to place the dam, I ended up tearing the latex sheet. If that wasnt enough, I did everything that was opposite to how the text supposes the dam is ought to be placed. So here I was, puching the wrong size hole, placing the wrong size clamp to hold the sheet in place. As a result, the sheet wasnt in place and popped right back!!! Imagine my embarassment when my assistant, Malathi, who knows little about dentistry scolded me & siad, you are using the wrong clamp sir. To add insult to injury, my patient decided to add his valuable opinion too.

"Doctor,. I think you are too tired today. That's why you are making so many mistakes. I think you should give me another appointment. I'll come later."

Once I got the dam in place, the treatment wentr smoothly. But those initial moments were like I had been tossed off the cliff. My efficiency had taken a dive & I was no better than a tortoise with a bad hangover.

Note to self : Gotta be more alert!

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  1. shouldnt that be lobster with a bad hangover??