Monday, March 27, 2006

Just finished reading Ignited minds by APJ Abdul Kalam. Brilliant book.

Simultaneously readin India's struggle for independence & Anne Frank;s diary. Also Got Mein Kampf , Hitler's autobiography stashed away. Should be reading text books for work but cant get enough of these.


  1. hi there! long time i know.
    i flipped through kalam's ignighted minds. pretty compact and precise message i'd say. spares the reader any personal interpretations on account of his clarity in his message.
    good luck reading anne frank's diary!! i never got through it. and tell me about hitler when you're done with it.
    i just finished reading secret formulas of the wizard of ads. will put up a review on my blog tomorrow. light reading!!
    will catch up soon.

  2. hey chang!! long time i know.
    i was in crosswords the other day and flipped through kalam's ignighted minds. i felt the message was very encouraging. also his style is so very crisp, clear and prcise. i guess you don't get to be president unless you have that kind of clarity in your thinking. not to mention the vision. good luck reading anne frank's diary!!! i attempted to do it once and left it while i had the chance. tell me how it goes.
    catch ya later.