Monday, March 27, 2006


Dont we all come across people who in some way or the other hold the power to change us or our life? This post is about some people who've directly or indirectly changed my outlook towards life.

Nitu- She's the most bholi & selfless person Ive ever come across. Paragon of virtues in the true sense of the word. Being her friend, I now do believe that there are a few good people still living on this planet. She inspired me to be a better person to everyone around me

Kshitij - Like Nitu, he's one of the gem of a person Ive come across in my life, & boy, am I glad I met him. Coz its important that sinners like me meet people like him to redeem myself. A poet, he has innocence, clarity & goodwill ingrained into him. His enthusiasm is infectious and he taught me to do what is right.

Feblin - One of my best buddies, she too is a little bit like Nitu. Agony aunt for all. Sometimes she is a little dim, but when it really really matters, she can outrace anyone with her logic & sense. She taught me how to have faith in God & to let him bless my life.

Zainab - Quiet & mysterious, what I liked most about her is her positive outlook to life. She taught me to be ever optimistic, & instead of fretting over time gone by, to savour the moment & store happy memories instead of sad.

Neha - One of the most bubbly persons Ive ever met! She is smart & suave without being kiddish. Her maturity belies her age (she's 19). She is a believer & she spreads charm & a feeling of well being. From her I learnt to be patient & believe in God

Madhu- Well I cant say if this woman has taught me anything good. Hahahaha!!!! She's a freak of nature. Crazy, wacko but also sugar-sweet. Im yet to know her as much as I know the above-mentioned, but she deserves a mention here coz from her I learnt to be jumpy & happy in the dreariest of moments. I also learnt that you dont always have to be logical to have fun in life. Sometimes, you can be stupid & do that too!

There are many more who've in some small way made me see various aspects of life. Bikash, Rajiv, Ankur, Sarafaraz. There are also those who got me hooked to their beauty, & though I dont know where they are now, or when Ill meet them, their faces float before my eyes.

Dont we just love them all!


  1. hmmm..two mentions in your blog flattered i say:)

  2. Hi Chang,

    I was watching 'Badmash Company'.. was pleasantly surprised to find a very familiar face but I could not recollect. A bit of search told me you are a dentist and this blog surely confirms my guess. I guess I am not mistaken that you have graduated from VSDC, Bangalore. I have seen your gang with Neetu, Feblin, Vidushi in VSDC and in KIMs bus. We used to hear all the stories in the KIMs hostel.

    Was happy to see your performance. Good luck for your future projects! :)

    - Ritu