Friday, March 31, 2006


When mom starts lecturing, she goes on & on & on.

And when she does that, it means Im really doing something wrong (or not doing anything at all !). So everytime shes lectured me, its been for my betterment. The last time this happened, I pulled up my socks & started speaking. Whats so great about that you'd ask? Well I was a BIIIIIG introvert, & me talking was a manna from heaven for those who were bothered to hear me speak. And today, I can speak nineteen-to-a-dozen ( ok ok. Exagerration ! Who doesnt do it?)

And whats the stimulus this time for my mom to give another dressing down? Well,five months since internship got over, & I still gotta decide where I wanna go after this. Im doing a course in Root canal treatment & cosmetic dentistry that gets over in August. And then what? Do I return to my hometown, where my dads set clinic awaits me, but where there is nothing but work? Or do I settle for a bigger city, where I might have a life, but would take years for me to even start making a profit? These were questions that circled around my head after the conversation with mom. Truly. it felt like the wind had been crushed out of my lungs. What next? is always a toughie. And being a Libran, its all the more tougher to make up my mind.

If I get through this, I swear Im gonna write a testimonial to this

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