Monday, March 20, 2006


You know what's really funny?

When the whole world ( well almost the whole of it) believes, or would like to believe that I can dare to sample the most unpalatable things in the world (which is, fortunately, not the truth). And what is funnier is that all the Indian Chinese elders that I have met often talk about what people in other countries eat!

They spoke a lot about people/friends in phoren who eat scorpions, ants, snakes, blah blah blah. Please dont read this if you are having your food or planning to. Lol ;) This coming from those very people who the world believes, eats anything that moves. Hilarious I say !

My hometown, Dhanbad, has been blessed with lizards. The slimy things are all over the place and therefore, Im immune to them. The sight of them doesnt creep me out. But there still are many poor sould who find them utterly replulsive, moreso newcomers to Dhanbad, who get quite a reptilian shock! So there was this Bengali standing in mortal fear behind me when we were waiting for the lift. The reason? You guessed it. just to divert his attention, I told him there was nothing to be scared of the reptilians. Pat came the reply, "Why would you find anything scary in them? You eat them!!!!" I should have gotten angry. I should have neaten the sh*t out of him. But hey! Can you blame me for having the laugh of my life. the next 30 minutes went in hysterical laughter. It took much longer to regain my composure. Seriously, can you blame me? lol!

Worry not pardner. I am like you. I eat only what other non-vegetarians in India do. Mutton, fish, pork, crab, chicken (thats come down due to the bird flu). Really, how preposterous to assume otherwise ;0)

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  1. ugh!!!lizards huh?thank god you're on a low-yuck diet these days:)