Monday, March 27, 2006


My pal Maddy sez that she works sincerely in the clinic, but once work is over, she puts it out of her mind & concentrates more on relaxing & having fun. That definitely is the right thing to do. Sadly, I cant always keep these things away from my blog. So here I am again, not talking about a patient but about a discussion we had today with our professor.

The topic : Effiecient anesthesia

The funny part is how we, after a period of time tend to think that we know-it-all & dont need any more 'new' knowledge. And the curtains draw on ignorance. The discussion today unlocked a few doors & posed a few questions. Apart from the technique & the amount of anesthetic used, what we also learnt s that needle placement can be crucial to success in treatment. Some new things learnt, some myths dispelled, and some humor added in.

Dr. Jacob Daniel proposes that pain control is largely in our hands, and that when anesthesia doesnt work we often tend to blame the patient having 'psychological' pain. He confers that such a type of pain is non-existent, & is often used to cover up on our failure. How does it start? In college supposedly, when a lecturer comes to demonstrate how anesthesia is given. In the event that his anesthesia does not work, he of course is not going to accept his failure. Ego hassles!!! And so he tells the students, the patient is suffering from psychlogical pain. This false belief gets ingrained in our minds & we carry it into our career, until such enlightenment comes our way

Its funny that someone like me, who is so scared of injections is getting deft in handling it.Why this profession is great is that you get to take away the patient's pain. For that, Im proud to be a dentist. Still, I cant resist bitching about some of my patients ;) For instance, the ones who keep dozing off during treatment. Fultoo annoying if you ask me!

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