Monday, March 20, 2006


Why are we 'like this only'?

Im talking about the mentality of most of my fellow countrymates.

I was in Mumbai recently, travelling in the local train. After having rushed to and fro a few times, it suddenly dawned on me that the train bogies had grilled windows (tube-light). I couldnt understand why. My reasoning told me that probably it was to discourage the burgeoning crowd of passengers from hanging on to the windows. The local train carries 70-80 % of Mumbai's population, and even at 12 in the night, you can find the trains jampacked. That's it, I thought. What other logic could there be? But just to be sure I asked my Uncle what the reason for the armouring was. The reply was surprising.

The grills were not to prevent hanging passengers & unwanted accidents at all. It was to protect the passengers from onlookers. Confused? Well, there is a multitude out there which worships causing harm to others. Every now & then a frustrated youth decides that throwing a rock at the passing train, and in the process damaging public property or causing serious harm to a passenger is a great way to 'relieve' tension. I couldnt believe what I was hearing. And so I dismissed the notion. Surely, people werent that bored in life.

Oft said, we dont believe until we see it with our very own eyes. So an incident outside my house in Bangalore opened my mind to this reality that we decide to cocoon ourselves from. A railway crossing mere minutes away from my house. A passing train. And a youth who decides to have some fun by chucking a glass bottle at the train. A passenger standing at the door of the train. The bottle misses. Shards of glass everywhere. A few swear words are heard. The youth & his friends are elated by the task. I shudder to think what would have happened had the bottle found its target.

This is just one of the few examples. Now that the festival of Holi has just gone by, more thoughts are evoked. On the eve of Holi, a female journalist reporting the celebrations was molested by a group high on bhaang. Her clothes torn, the cameraman beaten up & the camera trashed. In places like Bihar & Uttar Pradesh, many people use everything other than color to celebrate the festival of colors. Kerosene. Sewage water. Toxic waste. And what not. Im not generalising all the people in these states. It happens in other states too. The celebrations ignited riots in Mumbai. Many people I know celebrate by beating each other up (!!!) & tearing each others' clothes.

Is violence ingrained in our country? Our country is growing in every sense of the world, but why are the people still living in the primitive ages? If such mentality is going to continue, then man will be reduced from a 'social animal' to just an 'Animal'.

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