Sunday, March 26, 2006


Got some very senti messages. Couldnt help but post them. Reminds me of school & college days. Here they are

Kuch baatein bhooli hui
Kuch pal beetey huey
Har galti ka ek naya bahana
Aur fir sabke nazar me aana
Exam ki poori raat jaagna
Fir bhi sawaal dekh ke sar khujlana
Mauka mil;e to college bunk maarna
Fir doston ke saath chai peena
Usey dekhne roz college jaana
Dekhte dekhte Yes sir bolna
Har pal ek naya sapna
Aaj jo tootey fir bhi hai apna.
Ye college ke din
Fir na mailengey yaad rakhna
In palo ko jee bhar ke jeena
Yaad kar har roz... muskurana :)

I walk back towards the large gates, breeze rustling leaves across the road, fluterring in the wind.
Walk past the lifeless canteen with no one to shout.
Peep into the empty classes, missing the screams of joy.
Stand at the tree, where a hundred loves were declared & broken.
Asingle tear escapes my eye & falls toward the emptiness of the sands, as my mind races in thought.
Alone I stand, as I think, its all over.
And only memories remain...

A new t-shirt quote at college-
" I pretend to study here.
They pretend to teach me."

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  1. tooooooooooooooo senti yaar..........let me confess u even a tear roll down on my cheek............ u know i love that songs and everytime i listen it.....feel like crying....""Purani jeans aur gitar""