Tuesday, April 04, 2006


All those people who've come across the Calvin & Hobbes panels in the dailies would agree with me.

Calvin & Hobbes are like therapy!!!!!!

Must have gone through their adventures a million times. Have read the same panels over & over again, what with almost everu english daily carrying them on their pages nowadays. No matter what frame of mind I am in, Calvin & Hobbes never fails to cheer me. The sheer genius of the artist & the ideas which he has imposed upon the kid wonder & his stuffed but real enough tiger bely your wildest imaginations & beg for your attention.

Hats off to Bill Waterson for providing us mortals with eternal salvation. Halleluia!! (that's how its spelt right?)

Depressed? Stressed out? Angry? Try Calvin & Hobbes. Will soothe those frayed nerves for sure.

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  1. Actually I happen to think that Calvin & Hobbes is the final-total sum of all human wisdom...or something very close to that...he he

    Watterson is GOD