Friday, April 14, 2006


The death of Rajkumar infuriates me. There are questions abound, but in jest, the one doing rounds is that why did he have to die? Because in death, he has fuelled the passions & emotions of thousands.

Dr. Rajkumar was the doyen of Kannada cinema, who was passionate about Kannada and Karnataka. One of his songs sum up his entire philosophy in life. Translated it goes thus, "If you have to be born, Be born in Karnataka." Beautiful lyrics which showed his commitment & love for the state. This image portrayed by him in real & reel life inspired many across the state & they considered him thier annavaru (elder brother). He injected self-confidence & pride into the residents of the state.

But what happened in the aftermath of his death was deplorable. It was an irony that a day marked for mourning turned into a day of unprecedented violence, death & pure hooliganism. True, the people here consider him only second to God, and they were broke emotionally on this event. But their reaction was truly appaling.

Is this the way of showing respect to this man ? If Rajkumar's so called 'fans' really believed in his ideology, then they would not have resorted to such means. They wouldnt have broken down & shamed the Karnataka he so loved. What they achieved out of this mindless aggression is a mystery to me.

The event also gave an opportunity to anti-social elements to display their mettle & thereon lies a long story. The city of Bangalore was thrown out of gear. What did the fans achieve? Defacement & shaming of one of the beacons of the state.

Truly, if annavaru is watchin all this from his heavenly abode, he would be heartbroken...

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