Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Been a glutton in the pas 10 days. First up it was Imran's new house. And lunch at a Muslim pal's friend will always mean good, rich & abundant food. Biryani, kabab, fish ,and to top it all, dessert. There was gulab jamun & fruit salad. But my personal favourite - Shahi tukdaa - fried bread soaked in sugar syrup coated with khova. Mmmmmmmmm !!!!! My mouth waters to even reminisce about it !!!

Then came Easter lunch at Feb's aunt's place. Chicken, pork and aapams. Yummm!!!! Plus there was the charming company of uncle, aunty & Feb's cousins - Anisha and Akhil. Anisha's become so quiet since I last met her a year back. And her talk-virus seems to have passed on to Akhil, who went on & on & on, running all over the place, displaying magic tricks, Power rangers stunts. Oh, by the way I had a Breezer (since Im allergic to any higher form of alcohol, and breezer s supposed to be like juice). I must be hyper-sensitive, coz that too was enough to make me go Lobster-red & drowsy !!!!! There goes my last hope

Akhil kept calling me Ching (as in China) coz he just couldnt get my name, and decided it was better to say something that was easier for him to relate to !!! It rained that evening, the first rain , and the smell of mitti... Heavenly !!

With all good things happening, something has to go wrong doesnt it? Came in the form of fashion disaster yesterday in KFC. Was hogging as usual, when I realised I was getting wierd looks from people around me. A little self-examination revealed why. I was wearing a red shirt & black trousers. Whats wrong with that? Well, that is the uniform combination of Pizza hut!!!!! And it was strikingly similar to that of KFC too. I definitely came out red-faced, and that red shirt is not going to see the light of day anytime soon :)

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