Tuesday, April 04, 2006



This one word carries so much of importance & humor in the lives of me & my batchmates. Its agonisingly painful to realise that those days are behind us now & that the 'hmmm' is seldom heard anymore.

The hmmmm originated with Chandan. Chandan had a very indirect way of telling you that he wasnt listening or wasnt interested in what you were speaking about. You could go on & on droning about life & yourself, and his reply would be a non-commital hmmmm. That was the indication for you to stop talking.

Soon, my friend Sumit & me also adopted this indirect but polite way of telling people when to shut up. Before we knew it, hmmmmm spread like a jungle fire. Everyone was using it, and not necessarily to tell people to bottle up, but also to irritate them at times ( Imagine you talk about about something important & the audience goes hmmmm. Now wouldnt that be annoying!) It soon spilled over into our daily lingo & also in our sms'es, which would start with hmm & end up being a fight with who could add more m's to the hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

Kiddish, but there was a boyish thrill in all that that is no longer present now. Then came the song in Salaam Namaste - My Dil goes Hmmmmm....!!! It seemed as if the song had been made just for us!! I hummed the song day & night for the cheap thrills it provided me with. And now, all of a sudden, the bubble has burst.

Everyone has gone their own ways, and like all good things, the hmmmm also met with a premateur death. *Sigh*

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