Saturday, April 08, 2006

Night time after clinic is usually mundane & boring. Pack up, do ur stuff & take off home. Dreary ! So it came as a welcome break day before when Feb had an urge to have chinese for dinner ( dont u look at me like that!!!).

So we went for chinese. Maddy & me were tagging along for company, but of course, its difficult to resist the temptation of food. So I joined in too. Maddy picked here n there but thats it. That girl really eats like a bird & she s got the figure (!) to show for it. Well so anyhow we go check our mail after that, and febs still busy on the comp. So maddy n me take off for some paan. And to my horror, I find maddy buying it from a paan shop right outside a bar full of drunk, horny & desperate men. She was definitely the axis of every man's attention then. Even when we 3 went for some ice-cream, there were a lot of heads turning. Hmmmmmmm!

Still, we had a great time, just walking around, chatting, joking, which all ended us in dropping Feb to her doorstep. After that it was home again but the evening remained fresh in my mind for the simple pleasures of company.

*Sigh* Need more days like these

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  1. glad you think so:D
    feb should have these urges more often