Monday, April 10, 2006


Disclaimer - This blog is solely born out of my opinion & is not meant to hurt any sentiments.

What is it about blind faith?? I agree that many lives & a lot of goodness in this world thrive on faith. But why blind faith? Why do people stick blindly to what their religious texts or leaders have them believe? They could or could not be right. Everything & everyone is always open to speculation & scrutiny.

Instance : It could be that the info in The Da vinci Code could be malicious & aimed at shaking the foundations of Christianity. It could be that the recently unearthed Gospel of Judas (NatGeo) could again have been written by someone who is anti-christianity. But then again, they could be 100% true too. Just because the findings in both are contrary to beliefs in Christianity doesnt hold them wrong. What is wrong in speculating the authencity or the falseness of this info? The reactions to such findings can be shocking too. A friend of mine said "balls" when I spoke about the Gospel of Judas. Shocking, considering she never uses the minorest of foul words. But one question to the foundation of their faith, and the dark side emerges. Wen such a friend, the epitome of selflessness responds thus, its quite disturbing.People tell me things are true or false because their religious text says so. I say, very good, its important to have faith & to trust the wise men & women who wrote those texts. But as with everything, there are inherent errors in these texts too, and it would be foolish to follow the path of those errors. It is downright harmful.

And why look down on other faiths? The people who believe in other faiths and not yours are not damned!!! God is one & there is no worry as long as you worship them, be they in the avatar of Raam, Jesus, Allah, Guru Gobind Singh et al. Sai Baba & Gautam Buddha were ordinary mortals who became extraordinary by their teachings. They said "God is one, foe evryone". This is what I really like about them. They do not say that those who do not believe in me shall burn in hell for eternity. The God who propagates that is no God at all !!!! The religion that spreads this hated propaganda, I disagree with that religion.

I have no qualms going to any place of worship. I have been to temples, gurudwaras & churches. Not to mosques coz they have a strict code & outsiders / kafirs are not allowed. I used to regularly go to Church coz of their teachings. The good thing about church sermons are hat they tell you how you can live your life better, and believe me its really worth emulating those teachings in life. But as soon as the religious jargon begins, I shut my mind out.

There is a little bit of crap in every religion. No religion is perfect. But we can make it perfect by vowing to imbibe the positive attributes in our lives, and by vehemently rejecting the prehistoric & negative notions put forward by them.

God is one. He loves us all. He does not discriminate. Then who the hell gave us the right to discriminate such? God stands for truth, and if there is something contrary to him, it might or might not be true, but it sure deserves research & study, not denial.There's no debating that.

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  1. Hey Meiyang,
    Very interesting blog about God is One. Truly agree with you that there is only ONE God and no other gods.
    What I do disagree with you is this whole notion of blind faith. First of all, it's truly dangerous to do so and second of all, one should research, contemplate and do deep thinking about his/her faith. Having done so and coming to logical conclusions, one will/may find that their religious text is infalliable. When you read several paragraphs of truth within a text and come to a conclusion that this is it, well, whether you like it or not, you will follow the text 'blindly'. I wouldn't say it's blind faith. It's the assurance that you know, after deep thinking that you're reading something that is the truth and that you can trust its source.

    Your claim about religious texts written by men is gutsy I will say that for sure. What I will say is that I've found that there can be erroneous claims within a text but that's because it has been perhaps passed down from generation to generation. During that process, words changed, sentences changed etc and hence inconsistency. READ THE QUR'AN. from personal experience, I can say that there is no inconsistency within in and hence the conclusion that even though there was a human hand who wrote it, it is God's word and it has been promised by Him that He will protect it from corruption.

    SEEK KNOWLEDGE. It's very important that everybody does so. In fact, it is our duty as human beings to seek knowledge and the truth. I really like your approach of listening to what preachers have to say & then go from there. Blindly listening to the 'hate' they spread about other religions and people isn't what 'rational' human beings do. Hence, listen, research on your own, come to conclusion. DON'T GIVE UP THE SEARCH FOR KNOWLEDGE. That's of most importance.

    Keep up the interesting blogs dude!