Sunday, April 09, 2006


Glad to be dreaming again....

I guess those 5 yrs of BDS were so nightmarish that I hardly had any dreams, or not many I can recall. Childhood was different, with no worries & no cares, and plenty of dreams. Two recurring dreams of days gone by (approximately when I was about 7-8 yrs old) were as told here :

  • Im riding my tricycle (!!!) and riding it up the stairs of a multistory building if u can beat that! Sorta like hindi movies huh? Well, once I get to the terrace, I race the tricycle off the edge & land safely on terra firma, as gracefully as a cat.
  • Im walking on the edge of a precipice & suddenly I see a vortex in front of me , the likes of a whirlpool. I jump into it & keep falling, falling, falling....

The common thread between these two is that Im falling. While in one, I land safely inspite of the great height, in the other, the end never comes. Falling in dreams is interpreted as insecurity or fear of failure. Nowadays am dreaming big time wierd!!!! People & places change at random, there is no time/space co-ordination, and events occuring are those that I would never even think of!! But maybe in the deepest subconscience, these are things bothering me, or atleast something that I supposedly give a lot of thought to.

Wonder what these dreams mean?

Any ideas?

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