Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I often wonder what Ive done wrong to deserve certain things in Bangalore. True, I have had a blessed 5 yrs ( 6th running ) in this amazing city of trees, amazing weather, warm people and lots of contradictions. But there has been something that has plagued me from my first day to now. And that is... bad roomies.

My first roomie in my first year of Dentistry was a super duper senior, who had taken admission in MBBS in 1985 ( the yr of inception of the college ) and was still to clear final yr. He treated me like shit, and wanted me to be a slave to him, to clean the room, to fill water for him. I flatly refused to be subdued thus, and I had to pay dearly for that too. That s a different story altogether. Very soon he could tolerate my audacity no longer & told me to make a move.

My new roomie was worse. He was even senior to the first one. A chronic drunkard, with no consideration for anyone. One who boasted unabashedly about him & his contacts & his riches etc etc etc. He would come to the room drunk at 3 in the morning, and would shout at the security guard till 6 in the morning. If I happenend to be unlucky , he would want to come to the room & sleep, and would bang the door like a maniac till I would get up & open the door. That wasnt all.., he would make me listen to his boasts ( or his abuses depending on his mood ) for the rest of the night. Those 2 years were pure torture & agony.

Of late, in my new Paying guest place, Ive had 4 roomies in 4 months. The first was a 56 yr old man, sales manager for Pantaloons South India. His snoring was unbearable & as long as he was there, I had sleepless nights. The second & third ones were sweet, but would say thank you for each & every thing, even if I would say just a hello !!!!

The latest one is an Animator with alopecia ( loss of hair syndrome ). He works night shifts & returns only at 12 am & thereon speaks on the phone for the entire night to some girl ( his girlfriend i hope ). This all he does, in the very room where Im sleeping. Another one giving me sleepless nights. Dunno what do my roomies have against my sleep !!!!! Grrrrr!!!!

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