Friday, May 19, 2006


We never understand the importance of the women in our lives until we step into their shoes. They play such a vital role in everyday life, without fishing for an encore.

They manage work, home, friends, relations, children. In short they are the real multitaskers, something that we may never be. Ask a man to undergo somethn akin to labor pain and its unlikely that he'll comply willingly.

They can be best friends, cooks, sisters, mothers. But there can be a darker side to the coin too. They can be destroyers of homes and lives if they are of a different kind. After all, it is said that "The female of the speces is more dangerous than the male"


The primary purpose of wearing a mouth mask is to protect myself from contamination, either from the patient or the mechanical tools that I use. But fortunately, it fulfills another hidden,yet important need too.

At times, there can be patients who can get on your nerves, or some tough cases that can challenge all your knowledge & all your experience. There are some hilarious ones, and there are some who you just feel like hanging upside down.

Now, as Doctors, we are forbidden from doing any harm to the patient, no matter what the provocation. But trust me on this my friends, its not easy to control your facial expressions when you are dissed/nervous/scared/feel like bursting out loud. And this is when the mask really works. It hides my fears, my frustrations, my anger, my gloom.

Bet the innovative chap who came up with the concepts of mouth masks never thought of the service he/she was doing to the large Doctoral community :)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Why do people try to exert superiority over the others? In the eyes of God, all men and women are created equal and so they shall remain. Some people might be better at some particular thing than the others, but humility determines what you are at the end of the day. One who is without humility is inferior to everyone.

Humility, values, heart in the poorest of poor person is anyda better than cruelty & haughtiness in the richest one. Its not only about money but also intellectual status, and the values we holed so dear.

Never be haughty or overtly proud of something you have or know that others dont, because there;s always something they might know or have that you can never posess and which is more important than anything you can ever imagine.

Thursday, May 04, 2006


There are some fears that can never let you go. And then again, are those which hit you in the face at the most unexpected times.

The fear of losing my sight & hearing struck me at one such time. It is terrifying beyond description to imagine a world without color, a world plunged in never ending darkness, a world sheathed in pin-drop silence. Its akin to death, when you can see or hear no more. And so, maybe.. there is a fear deep down in my subconsciousness of that unevitable beast... Death.

Ponder for a moment that at this very moment, there live out there millions of less priveleged people, who are deprived of the senses that we take for granted. Time to realise how lucky you are. Time.. to count your blessings.

"I complained I had no shoes, until I saw a man who had no feet."

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Buddies getting married soon ( actually one in September, another early next yr - but it seems soon coz my own wedding -read funeral- is eons away.)

Am really really glad fr them. We've had such turbulent times over the past 6 yrs.

Heartaches, misunderstandings, reconciliation .

And yet we've stuck together. Feels like we've grown up together.

And now its come to this. Dips, Feb, love u both from the bottom of my bottomless heart.

Have a great life ahead (this advance good wishes sponsored by me !!!!! Never runs out)


There are two songs which really add meaning to my life. The one that defines me in every way possible is the song by Lucky Ali - Nahi rakhta dil me kuch. The song is amazing in itself, and the lyrics seem as if they were written keeping me in mind, because Im everything the song speaks of. Excerpts :

Apno ke dhun me rehta hoon. Sahi jo hai unse kehta hoon, kar kya sakta hoon.
De sakta hoon main thoda pyar yaha par, jitni haisiyat hai meri.
Maine dekha nahi rang ,dil aaya sirf ada pe, ek aisi chahat hai meri
( Im lost in thoughts of my own people. Isnt it right whatever I speak to them of, what can I do?
I can only give a little love, as much as I can manage to
Ive not seen the color of skin, Ive fallen only for inner beauty, such is my love!)

Definitely a song worth having on your system and in your hearts.

Another song whose lyrics we need to ink into our lives is Allah ke bandey by Kailash Kher. Each and every word is dripping with enthusiasm, coupled with the ragged & compelling voice of Kailash, set to the tune of semi-sufi music. The lyrics go such (for those interested)

Toota toota ek parinda aise toota, ke fir jud na paya.
Loota loota kisne usko aise loota, ke fir ud na paya.
Girta hua wo aasmaan se, aakar gira zameen par.
Khwaabo me fir bhi baadal hi they wo kehta raha magar,
Ke Allah ke bandey has de, jo bhi ho kal fir aayega.
(The bird broke in such a way, that it couldnt be joined
It was looted in such a way that it couldnt fly again.
It fell from the sky onto the ground below
Still in its dreams there were only clouds and it said..
That man of God, smile, because no matter what, a new
day will come again )

Kho ke apne par hi to usne tha udna seekha,
Gham ko apne saath me le le , dard bhi tere kaam aayega.
Allah ke bandey....
-Only after it lost its wings did it learn to fly
-Take sorrows in your stride, this pain will; stand you in
good stead
-Man of God....

Tukde tukde ho gaya tha har sapne jab wo toota,
Bikhre tukdo me Allah ki marzi ka manzar paayega.
Allah ke bandey....
-It broke into a million pieces, just like its shattered
-Even in those scattered pieces, it will find the will of God
-Man of God...

Waah ! Optimism ingrained. We seriously need to apply this in our lives.