Friday, May 19, 2006


We never understand the importance of the women in our lives until we step into their shoes. They play such a vital role in everyday life, without fishing for an encore.

They manage work, home, friends, relations, children. In short they are the real multitaskers, something that we may never be. Ask a man to undergo somethn akin to labor pain and its unlikely that he'll comply willingly.

They can be best friends, cooks, sisters, mothers. But there can be a darker side to the coin too. They can be destroyers of homes and lives if they are of a different kind. After all, it is said that "The female of the speces is more dangerous than the male"

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  1. dear old good pal ching chong

    from ur "book cricket" at school to "praise and sarcasm" here...thats a long way u have come....when i read ur blogs at times i am taken this our same shy /red cheeked chang...its gr8 to see u evolve....u take care...jsut missin u and the other guys...