Friday, May 19, 2006


The primary purpose of wearing a mouth mask is to protect myself from contamination, either from the patient or the mechanical tools that I use. But fortunately, it fulfills another hidden,yet important need too.

At times, there can be patients who can get on your nerves, or some tough cases that can challenge all your knowledge & all your experience. There are some hilarious ones, and there are some who you just feel like hanging upside down.

Now, as Doctors, we are forbidden from doing any harm to the patient, no matter what the provocation. But trust me on this my friends, its not easy to control your facial expressions when you are dissed/nervous/scared/feel like bursting out loud. And this is when the mask really works. It hides my fears, my frustrations, my anger, my gloom.

Bet the innovative chap who came up with the concepts of mouth masks never thought of the service he/she was doing to the large Doctoral community :)

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  1. the next time I got to a doctor...i surely will be wondering whats "BEHIND THE MASK"...:)