Saturday, June 24, 2006


I thought I was indecisive ( and being a Libran I have full right to be)

But as I have realised in the past few years, there are people out there worse off than me.

People who cant make up their minds about what they want to do in the next half an hour, forget in the next 10- yrs.

I get real mad when Im caught up with such people.

Make up your mind willya??? Otherwise dont meddle with others' lives


I love Bangalore gals. The majority of them are good lookin'. of course. And even though most of them are pretty covered up, they look real smart n sexy.

Thus proving that shedding clothes & inhibitions is not needed to catch a second look.

For here, Id go for a 3rd, and a 4th look

Lech is more like it. Drool !!! (Grin)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Ive come across sickos & perverts more times than I can bother to count. And every time I make the mistake of assuming that I know what kind of people they are.

Despite this, the next one always manages to surprise, no... shock me.

In the past... Manish Kumar, Ashish Shakya, Nishant Kucchal, JP, PG, Sridhar, Vishnu.

Each, a malcreation in their own right.

And there is a newcomer to this list of mine.

Current flatmate . . . Anand - fat attention seeking slob, who has a one track mind when it comes to women, is really desperate. And when attention is not forthcoming, he can resort to the cheapest tricks in the book.

I dont usually judge anyone, but people like him can really drive anybody insane

Guess everybody has a limit to their tolerance. I fear mine is breached...


Every other country has various teams in the field of sports. Soccer, basketball, athletics. You name it. And most of these countries are really small or sparsely populated when compared to China or, our very own , India. Then why is it that the second most populous country in thw world can produce only one good sports team, that in Cricket. There is an enormous talent pool out there, potential waiting to be tapped.

But where is all this going? Why only cricket, cricket and cricket??? The only distraction of late has been Tennis, with the ascent of Sania Mirza, and Im sure its more due to her clothes & her religion ( and what it does not allow) that has drawn more attention.

Why this fixation with Cricket? If we want to participate in more sports and bring home more laurels, then the politics involved in sports in our country has to go

The irony of this, is that politics permeates & corrupts every aspect of life in India. Sports is but one small part afflicted by this malady.

Sometimes I wonder if the dialogues in the recent blockbuster Rang de Basanti ring true.....

"Ye desh aisa hi hai. Sadiyo se aisa hi raha hai aur aisa hi rahega. Iska kuch nahi kiya jaa sakta"
(This country is like this only. Has been for ages, & shall remain so in the future. Nothing can be done to salvage this country )

I sincerely hope that aint true, and that there is someone out there to prove me and my sceptism wrong.

Sunday, June 18, 2006


Never knew Id be in such great spirits after venting my frustrations a few days back, courtesy my blog.

Whatever happened to being ever optimistic and not leaving your joy or misery dependant on what others do, dont do, say, or dont say???

Im ashamed of you Meiyang (GRIN) ;)


Forgot to wear my watch for an entire day today. And the experience left me wondering, why dont I forget it more often !

No more deadlines.

No desperate hurry.

No maddeining rush

Nothing telling me how long I gotta be a Doc.Nothing tellin me how long I gotta be myself.

Nothin hintin when I should sleep, when I should awake.

Such timelessness, such a vacuum, would be welcome

Next time, I hope the batteries go kaput.


Believe it or not, but I got this allergy to alcohol. Now theres not much I like about alcohol. Its overpriced, it ain't tasty, n it gives you a bad hangover. But it does help u forget ur worries or stress for a while atleast.

Ive been of alcohol for almost a yr, given my allergy. I get red, my eyes swell up,I itch and I cant breath ( thts the last stage of the allergy - too much alcohol ). Today, after a long time Ive hadf some - to get rid of the stress of work. Its not gonna be very often. But for once it helps, if only momentarily.

Pardon moi if what Im sayin doesnt make sense./ Predictably, Im drunk. Lol ;)

Saturday, June 17, 2006


Its tough, but its part of life.

Cant expect friends to be always there for you. True they are great buddies who, Im sure, will aid you in your hour of crisis, but they got lives too. Some got family, some got relatives, some got lifepartners.

You will always hold a special place in their hearts, but their world, their life , their bigger picture is not your monopoly.

Never was, never will be

Get on with it. Thats life !


They might genuinely need the dough. They might be begging out of sheer poverty & desperation. Some one could have a dying father, a sick mother, a starving child at home.

But no ! I'll never know your need. Because for every one person struggling to fulfill a genuine need, there are a thousand who've made a business out of this.

You may have a serious need, but I'll never know that when you approach me. I'll never know whether those tears in your eyes are for real or for fleecing me

I dont give you a first glance, forget a second one.Im full of disgust & distrust when I come across you.

But you might actually be needing me. I might actually be guilty of not helping a human being in dire need. But how do i know that??? I give when I "see" that you need it - some obvious sign, some disability, some disease.

But what about your "real" needs? There are so many cheats & frauds out there, because of whom everyone has become sceptical , and your needs, your wants, have remained incomplete. Intangible.

I hate you. You who have made begging a sick joke, and deprived those who really deserve to be shown sny empathy. May you rot in hell for these crimes against the "real" poor ones.

Sunday, June 11, 2006


The uproar over The Davinci code is both outrageous & amusing. Written & filmed by a Christian, and accepted in countries with predominant Christian populations. Still, in India there is an uproar. Priests are shouting at the top of their voices on TV, protesting against the Code, but not in their usual sedate & becalming manner which is the trademark during sermons. Rather, their opposition has been in bad taste - loud & defensive. There are sermons being wasted and pamphlets & meetings being targeted to counter this "threat" to their faith. The threat is more imagined than real. Time & money is being wasted unnecessary oppositionrather than in preaching the goodness of God.

Intelligent Christians would agree with me when I say that if its needed, then the best defense is delving deep into the richness of Christianity. Lot of good has happened out of the good intentions of many a people of this faith. Then why this wave against a book, a movie??? Are they so unsure & insecure of their faith that they would let its foundations be shaken by a mere work of fact/fiction??? Is protecting themselves and the Church all that matters in their lives? Ive seen gentle mannered Christian friends turn hostile at the mere mention of the facts(?) in the novel. Those parts that they don't believe, they vehemently oppose. Those parts that they know are true, they admit sheepishly, but do not accept that every religion has its pitfalls. Why so much of fear, insecurity & ego? Such an attitude does not help their case at all. Rather, it leads Non-Christians to speculate that there might be some truth in the book if it can scare the daylights out of the Children of God... It might force Christians themselves to wonder if the Church and the messengers of God have something to hide, and why do they have to worry so much about being shown in the wrong light. If their heart is pure, and character clean, then nothing can tarnish their faith. But that fate.... lies in their own hands. If they wish to hit the proverbial axe on their own feet, then there is no one else to blame.


As children, there were infinite possibilities. Every day was a new day, every task a new one. We didnt have to do the same things over & over again.

As an adult, life gets stuck in the drudgery of repetition. Of course, you can still do as many things as you wish to, but you have to settle down to one thing eventually. And sadly, this repetitive cycle can leave you Brain dead.

We never realise the value od time until its gone. All my prayers, all my hopes, all my pleadings are useless. No matter what we do or say, we are never gonna be children again