Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Every other country has various teams in the field of sports. Soccer, basketball, athletics. You name it. And most of these countries are really small or sparsely populated when compared to China or, our very own , India. Then why is it that the second most populous country in thw world can produce only one good sports team, that in Cricket. There is an enormous talent pool out there, potential waiting to be tapped.

But where is all this going? Why only cricket, cricket and cricket??? The only distraction of late has been Tennis, with the ascent of Sania Mirza, and Im sure its more due to her clothes & her religion ( and what it does not allow) that has drawn more attention.

Why this fixation with Cricket? If we want to participate in more sports and bring home more laurels, then the politics involved in sports in our country has to go

The irony of this, is that politics permeates & corrupts every aspect of life in India. Sports is but one small part afflicted by this malady.

Sometimes I wonder if the dialogues in the recent blockbuster Rang de Basanti ring true.....

"Ye desh aisa hi hai. Sadiyo se aisa hi raha hai aur aisa hi rahega. Iska kuch nahi kiya jaa sakta"
(This country is like this only. Has been for ages, & shall remain so in the future. Nothing can be done to salvage this country )

I sincerely hope that aint true, and that there is someone out there to prove me and my sceptism wrong.


  1. Meiyang,

    Quite an interesting blog. It's funny because yesterday, something within me just stirred my passion to do something about all the injustice and wrong that happens throughout the world.

    I watched Water yesterday - not sure if you've seen it because apparently it's banned in India. Well, the movie implies that according to the Sacred Books in Hinduism, a widow is to live a life completely annihilated from worldly goods & life. For instance, they cannot eat anything fried, meat, etc. Anyway, the source of something like this is questionable but what caught my attention was that a child, who was in a wedlock since her birth is punished to such a life because her 50 yr old husband dies before she reaches puberty.

    The story ends with a shocking outcome - the small child is forced into prostitution by the 'Madam' of the ashram, who is supposed to care for her. My blood boils when I see an innocent life just destroyed because of some perverted people. I know it's a movie but heck I know this happens in real life too.

    Your comment about "This country is like this, has been like this for ages and will be continue to be like this" really makes me want to say that though problems we face as humans far exceeds the good deeds we have done to others, we should not give up hope. I think the problem lies when a person begins to think that they can't do anything about it because THE PROBLEM IS BIGGER THAN THEM. A small step can make a huge difference. So what that you can't eradicate poverty - so what that you can't put all the child molesters to jail - so what that you can't give your love to every orphan. I think the solution lies in the fact that if we, as individuals, take a small tiny step in helping those in need, the positive energy that radiates from you will touch millions of lives - unknowingly. I'd like to believe that no matter how small of a contribution, I'd like to give something to this world as an appreciation for my safe and sheltered life. Hey, if we don't do anything to help the helpless, who will!!!

    Keep the fire within you burning and you will understand what I'm talking about when you find a passion in your life. Maybe you have one. If you do - ACT ON IT. I certainly am.

    Peace & Love,

  2. Dear Chang,

    India with pushing to highest population in the world cant produce good teams in whtever sports - CORRECT. But we can produce the best IT guys, Engineers, Managers, Investment Bankers and ofcourse Doctors.

    A friend just came back from Australia after a month spent in one of the leading universities there as a part of their MBA. Among the various things discussed there one of it was what you have discussed in this blog.See there education and sports are parellels unlike here, they can afford an infrastructure for development of sports coz they dont have people under poverty line.Another important think we are still a young country compared to these developed countries who earned their freedom much before us.

    I am sure that our time will come, if we beleive in it. A country is all but the reflection of its own people. So if we dont have great sportsmen in different areas today, we shall have and must have tommorow.But that will require some extra effort and courage from each one of us and most impotantly the conviction to stand by our country in its striving times.

    Amegoes hamesha,