Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Ive come across sickos & perverts more times than I can bother to count. And every time I make the mistake of assuming that I know what kind of people they are.

Despite this, the next one always manages to surprise, no... shock me.

In the past... Manish Kumar, Ashish Shakya, Nishant Kucchal, JP, PG, Sridhar, Vishnu.

Each, a malcreation in their own right.

And there is a newcomer to this list of mine.

Current flatmate . . . Anand - fat attention seeking slob, who has a one track mind when it comes to women, is really desperate. And when attention is not forthcoming, he can resort to the cheapest tricks in the book.

I dont usually judge anyone, but people like him can really drive anybody insane

Guess everybody has a limit to their tolerance. I fear mine is breached...


  1. Hey dude! This is Ajay from the Friday at Mojos. Thought I'd just drop by to say hello.

  2. Gosh!!that reminded me of 1 particular cheapskate in ma Jr. coll class. . .
    Nothin ever ever seemed to have ne effect on his shamelessness!!. . O how we galz hated him!!!!!!!!