Saturday, June 17, 2006


They might genuinely need the dough. They might be begging out of sheer poverty & desperation. Some one could have a dying father, a sick mother, a starving child at home.

But no ! I'll never know your need. Because for every one person struggling to fulfill a genuine need, there are a thousand who've made a business out of this.

You may have a serious need, but I'll never know that when you approach me. I'll never know whether those tears in your eyes are for real or for fleecing me

I dont give you a first glance, forget a second one.Im full of disgust & distrust when I come across you.

But you might actually be needing me. I might actually be guilty of not helping a human being in dire need. But how do i know that??? I give when I "see" that you need it - some obvious sign, some disability, some disease.

But what about your "real" needs? There are so many cheats & frauds out there, because of whom everyone has become sceptical , and your needs, your wants, have remained incomplete. Intangible.

I hate you. You who have made begging a sick joke, and deprived those who really deserve to be shown sny empathy. May you rot in hell for these crimes against the "real" poor ones.

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  1. hi

    u r vry true dear............i was working in colaba............i hv seen many small kids......who says they need money to eat or to buy sumthings which will help them to work like shoe polish things..........and i have seen them only taking drug...........its really pains.....