Sunday, July 30, 2006


Im just a window cleaner, clearing the fog of my doubts & insecurity.

I use instinct & lessons learnt to clear up the mess

But some stubborn stains remain.When those disappear, I still have no respite.

Because then my view is crystal clear, and I can no longer look at things the same way.

The stains reappear, stifling me, n I set about cleaning them again.

The stains of expectations, of yesterdays, of tomorrows

Im just a window cleaner...


Dr. Maddy and I suffer from a dual personality syndrome

We are pavam , decent docs on duty
And crazy, drive-you-up-the-wall lunatics outside work

Ones who would see us in both, would probably die of shock ;)


This group is its own best entertainment!!!!

Im talkin about the (mental) gang of Dr. Maddy, Wild Child Shilps, Elephanto, Push-kar and to a certain extent, yours' truly

Attempts for external majaa have been disastrous with first a play (remember???) and then a movie called Lady in the Water.

Possibly one of the biggest headaches Ive had this year

To add to the misery was the incessant chatter between Push-kar and Dr. Maddy. They supposedly got married in the theatre itself, but no honeymoon was forthcoming (and just when I was lookin forward to some REAL entertainment!!! Bah !!!)

It was also Krish's bday and a gang of 7. Only person missing & sorely missed was wild child Shilps.

The weekend was enjoyable, with deliberate doses of lunacy thrown in.

What do you expect when many mad people get together???


Thursday, July 27, 2006


Borrow your mirth
Share your sorrows
In the process, learn to cease and witness all yu have rampaged
You trample across
You walk all over fidelity
Indifferently cutting everything in sight
Till there is no one to stand by you
To stand with you
Learn when to stop, and surrender
Its a path interminably long
You'll need a companion
Run before the storm gathers
You are breakable, hold on .......


I am organising a protest rally

The protest slogans for this rally are gonna be.....


Now thats what I call a rally lol ;)


You are by nature, a happy go lucky person.

A joker, who likes to laugh, and make others laugh

Its the people around who pound you into depression


What am I???

A shoulder to cry on,
A heart full of mirth?

The tears in your eyes,
Or the smile on your lips?

A punching bag,
Or a comforting pillow?

A well of emotions,
Or a pit of regrets?

Part of the crowd,
Or sole beacon?

A sliver of love,
Or a world of indifference?

A stubborn pillar,
Or a drifting nomad?

The chalice of truth,
Or a chest of treachery?

A wanderer
A philosopher
A dreamer
A fighter
A loser
A lover
A liar

All of the above,
And none of the above.

What am I ...... ?

Monday, July 24, 2006



The book by Bipan Chandra delves too much into details, which is my only complaint with the book. But otherwise I found this book really informative. To thirst to know more of the history of your motherland needs to be inculcated in every citizen of India We all have heard, read or seen glimpses of what constitutes the struggle for Indian independence and have been fed on a healthy dose of Tipu Sultan, Rani Laxmi Bai, Bhagat Singh, Mangal Pandey, Nehru and Gandhi. The details that were left out are discussed in this book.

It tells us that Indians were relatively non-violent even before the Gandhian-era. Prolonged oppression & injustice pushed them to the limits & they resorted to violence. But the chunk of the damage was done not by the Britishers, but by Indians themselves, because Indians were happy to be suppressed by someone of higher authority, as long as they took good care of their interests. Initially, the revolts were against zamidars and not the Goras. The Brits sided with the Indians and won their trust, and over time took over their lives. Even then, Indians were fairly tolerant. They paid their taxes regularly. But it was still a life of oppression. The Congress govt had been formed at that time, and was for independence. It tried to arouse a feeling of pride in the populace and to entice them to revolt against the brits. Unfortunately, the revolts were sporadic and poorly organised, thus they failed repeatedly.Not till Gandhi came into the picture, did some semblence of order permeate into the independence struggle

Even then, the British played their cards well, and understanding the mentality of Indians, exploited them and used every political trick in the book to delay independence for several decades. Rivalry between Indian political parties made their job that much easier. The RSS had used its ideological bullcrap against the Congress even then! But after a prolonged organised campaign, thousands of arrests, deaths and protests, India finally won her independence from the firangs. The book deals mainly with the various movements that contributed to this momentous event, and even though most of them failed, how - drop by drop, the ocean was filled...

Jai Hind !



A loose adaptation of The Actor's nightmare. If you'd put urself in the actor's shoes, it would really be a nightmare. Not knowin who he is or how he got there, or worse, which play is he supposed to be in and what character is he to portray !!!! And then, as often experienced in dreams, plays, places & characters change without an explanation. The actor finds himself reciting "To be or not to be" in a play of Victorian era, and just when he was getting comfy as a KIng, he finds himself at the executioner's anvil, with the very people worshipping him a moment ago, beseeching him to give up his life for the Lord !!!!

Total chaos !!!

The play ended with a few short skits loosely related to the main play & based on Monty Python's short stories about everyday lifde & the humor in it. Two of them were exceptionally funny - One, about the Pope giving directions to Michaelangelo how to paint The last supper with one Christ and 12 disciples, instead of the three(!!!!) Christs and 28 disciples plus a kangaroo that he originally drew, citing artistic license !!!!!! The most outrageous yet, was about a woman who goes to a book store, lookin for outrageous books like David Cooperfield, Tom Sayer, or for unheard of authors, such as Great Expectations by Charles Dickenson !!! The clincher, undoubtedly, was the demand for a novel by Charles Dickens called " The Sale of two Titties" !!!!!!! After driving the store keeper bonkers, she reveals she cant actually read !!!!

Comedy rules !!!


Evam - Double comedy - ART and Hysssssteria

Worth every rupee & every moment spent as audience to their magic

Hyssssteria was the first one I went for (sans Dr. Maddy as she had some important work & ditched yet again!!!). Ammmmmazingly hilarious is what Id rate it as. It had 2 parts - adaptations of 7 skits by MOnty Python, and secondly, a spoof on the "greatest literary work ever written" - Hamlet !!!!

The Monty Python skits were ok, since Id already seen them performed by Version One dot oh a few wks ago (refer subsequent blogs for review). But the spoof on Hamlet is what took my breath away (literally, since I couldnt stop guffawing. ) Classic, I say !!!! What really impressed me was the ready repartee of the cast, the audience participation and the presence of mind. What can I say? It was soooo good that my words dont do justice to it. You just had to see it to believe it, and have a rollickingly good time !

The other half of the double comedy package - ART, was dubbed a serious comedy. Superficially, it was anything but a comedy, since it delved deep into the shallowness of human relations. But look it from a philosophical point and you do see the comedy in it. IN other words, its the dark humor that came through. The frailty and superficial nature of human relationships were portrayed, and it was displayed that little white lies and considering other's feelings go a long way in salvaging them.

PLays at extreme ends of the spectrum

A no-brainer, and a thought provoking one.

I love Evam !!!!

Thank you Dr. Maddy for introducing me to Evam. Wish you had been there

Sunday, July 23, 2006


Tunnu has finally left for her hometown, the US of A.

Will miss all the good times spent with her.

The incessant SMSing, pulling her leg

Consoling her

Calling her Bisi - bee

And so much more

She was often the butt of all jokes ( and what a butt at that ;) but she always ook it like a good sport. Now that she's far away, the butt and the holder shall be sorely missed

Hope to meet her there soon


If I get angry, what do i do?

I go into my shell. Comfy there, I refuse to come out anytime soon.

I stop talkin, participatin or paying attention

Bottlin up was never the best idea, but anger can instigate words & actions not meant to be uttered or committed. It makes monsters out of men & women, and issues out of petty events.

Loss of peace of mind

Hurt egos

Though happiness increases, and miseries reduce by sharing, same cant be said about anger

Silence is the solution then...

ERRRRR .......

One of the most embarrassing but at the same time also the most amusing moment in my life came during a trip to Singapore. The entire group from India comprised of couples, or families.

In this, a man comes & asks me, "So, when did you guys get married?"

He was referring to my MOM !!!!!

SMOKIN' !!!!!

Quotes about SMOKING :

  • "Smoking helps you lose weight. One lung at a time"
  • "A cigarette can be described as fire on one end and a fool at the other"


Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Here's what someone has to say about Post graduation in Dentistry...

Post Grad is like a public toilet,the people inside are just waiting to finish and come out,and the ones outside just waiting to get in.

Lol ;)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


You' re having a rotten day at work

You look far and wide for happiness

Then a cute lil girl gives you an angelic smile



"A moment on the lips...
Forever on the hips"

Pshaw to this statement. .

One life, go berserk !!! Have safe sex, quit smoking, and have alcohol in moderation.

Enjoy life to the fullest


One will want to be loving, but to do that, one must needs to be loved & nurtured, and FEEL that one is loved & fulfilled first.

Because an empty chlice cannot quench anyone's thirst


I wanna be a Dog !

Be cuddled by one & all

Sleep wherever & whenever I want to

Care a damn about the world

Bite those who bug me

Still be a loyal, true friend

Reproduce at will

Chase pussies ( I meant CATS u perv) ;)

Oh to be a Dog....

Saturday, July 15, 2006


Probably a picture that deserves to be awarded :

"Rare case of the century"

Dr. Maddy refusing ice-cream.

Though i respect her reason for doing so, I still am having atough time believing it.
The pic is the proof ;)


I look different.

Do I seem different to you too?

Do you accept me for what I am? Am I accepted?

Am I part of this world around me? Or just a disengaged fragment? An element of obstruction?

Am I part of your world?

So cold ...


Usually, I write reviews only when I like something. Those which I dont find upto the mark, i dont mind mentioning. But this time, Im going to make an exception. I shall review a play so terrible, that I had to write about it.

Friends will be friends, a play directed by Saad Khan. A play which concentrated more on props, lights, sliding panels rather tan a concrete story & good acting. Everything that could go wrong, did. The play started a half hour late. The stage was far away & I couldnt really make out much. Methought maybe my power had gone up, but an affirmation from my fellow sufferers put that doubt to rest. Pedestrian acting, and the corniest of dialogues (hindi moviesque), interminably looong gaps between sequences, flashbacks & the present, which took away the tempo (?) of the play. To top it all, an item number was thrown in too (Im assuming it was an item number since it appeared out of nowhere for no apparent reason & didnt add to the story)

The 20 minutes that I did manage to stick around were pure torture. I was actually planning to watch the entire play in the hope that it would get better, but a big thanks to Dr. Maddy for pulling me outta there.

The play was touted to be a musical. Huh??? Novels on these premises may work, but not in a play where the audience demands (and rightfully so) perfection, hard work & emotion coming through on that magical platform called the stage. Thank God for the complimentary passes.

Saad Khan, that was a really "saad" play

Thursday, July 13, 2006


At long last, pals from school managed to drop into Bangalore. Since most of them are settled in & around Delhi, the south is really outta the way for them. Some of them who did turn up were not very close friends. So this is the first time a close friend came here. A 6 foot tall friend, and his gal

Boy, was I glad !

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Some of my all time fave comedy movies

  • No entry
  • Andaaz apna apna
  • Hera pheri
  • Pink panther (old one)

I've watched each of them probably hundreds of times, but I never tire of them, and they never fail to have me guffawing & rolling on the floor.

Bad mood, upset, feeling low?

These movies are your medicine


Here I am sittin' on the pot, broken hearted.
Tried to sh*t, but only farted.
Wierd questions in my head.
Struck me to ask many of my friends, their interpretation of these contradictory statements...

"Knowledge is power, Ignorance is bliss"

I asked them what would they like to possess. Powerful knowledge of the wonders of the world, beauty, technology, how to make lives better??? Or blissful ignorance of the evil, poison, malice, hatred, terrorism, hypocrisy wars & corruption in a world so full of care, there is no time to stand & stare???

The answers were interesting... Predictably, most chose power of knowledge, and here are some interesting insights with explanations...

"Power of course!!!! We need it. Its like sunshine"

"I'd have knowledge... for bliss is not my goal"

"Its obvious its power. But its not just knowledge. Its also knowing & believing in what you have. Whats the point of having power if you dont know its worth. Power is self control & inner strength, not dominating over the other but also having the strength to be humble. The power of knowledge would help me know about good & bad. Because if you have to help the needy, then you have to have knowledge of both."

"Blend of both which are extreme necessities"

"I dont think knowledge & bliss are contradictory. One can have both in certain measures if one is smart"

And my favourite.....

"I will without doubt choose the world of knowledge. Being a non-religious person, I strive on reasoning, which leads to exploring & questioning things & maybe ends in knowledge. I think we are constantly making a choice between these two worlds, and we generally keep juggling between the two. Only a few of the likes of Buddha, Einstein, Tagore dedicate their lives to the ultimate"

If I were to ask myself the same question, Id want a bit of both. Power to make the world a better place. & ignorance of bad things. I know that ignoring things does not solve any problem, but Im not God. And I 'd like to have my own peace of mind too, bcos if I dont, then all my knowledge is useless. Its akin to an ailing patient who can breath through ventilators, but has no will to. Its self-centred I know, but Im sure I am permitted to be a little selfish.

Friday, July 07, 2006


Ignited minds :

The vision of our beloved president, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. And you'd be surprised to know that here is a person who's actually so passionate about his country & its people, specially children, whom he gives special mention. This book, apart from talking about his life in general, and how he was part of many advances & partnerships in defense systems, also showers a lot of praise on children, who are the future of any nation. He calls these children - the ignited minds, because from these minds will come the progress of tomorrow, the tomorrow that will be better than our world today

The book also mentions various leaps India took in the field of defense inspite of sanctions & non co-operation from the superpowers. In this period came the various missiles - Prithvi, Naag, Agni. Also the Light craft aircraft or the LCA. Also, it talks about how Brahmos came into being. Its an interesting story. This particular missile was being built in collaboration with Russia, and so the missile was named with the confluence of the names of two mighty rivers, the Moscow and the Brahmaputra.

Dr. Kalam stresses that work, low or high, done for the country is good work. The country is rich in every resource possible, and real progress is possible only when basic (agro) and modern (IT) go hand in hand. He makes one feel proud of being an Indian, even though the country is not in the best condition. He urges us to not limit ourselves to the metros alone, but to also embibe the richness of our villages and the simple but hard working people there

Dr. Kalam quotes ...
"Ignited minds are the most powerful resource on earth, and the one billion minds of our nation are indeed a great power waiting to be tapped"

Words that can be spoken only by a true son of the soil. Thats what I call motivation !

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Why does a woman work ten years to change a man's habit and then complain that he isnt the man she married?
- Barbra Streisand


Things that work like therapy for me =

1. Watching the wind blow through the trees, caressing the leaves

2. Watching the waves crash on the shore of a marooned beach

3. Watching the clouds fly by, making new shapes according to my imagination

4. Walking at nighttime with nothing but the moonlight

5.Playing with dogs (pets or stray, it doesnt matter)

6. Strong winds

7. Looking into the eyes of a light eyed girl (sigh!!!)


I am thinking about......
how long I can hold on with my stomach begging for mercy. Where's the looooooo?????

I said.... huh???

I want ...... a friggin' VACATION !!

I wish...... i could stop second guessing every career decision ive ever made (decision making is never easy for a Libran, and to not regret or think about it ? Even tougher)

I hear...... vehicles passing outside?

I wonder...... if I'll ever make up my mind

I regret...... my relationship !!!!!!!!! That one takes the cake

I am...... scratchin my balls right now. My eyeballs you dirty mind !!!

I dance...... when I'm happy, when I'm excited, when I'm angry. I got two left feet, so better watch out when I'm angry

I sing...... to myself, trying to calm myself. Otherwise I try my luck at the railway station with a bowl in hand

I need..... to know why people are so funny ! And when I say that, I dont mean hilarious

I am not always...... in a good mood. When am I ever!

I make ...... love not war

I write...... what's on my mind. And what the media feds me at times

I confuse...... everyone around me. I might be an enigma to many...

I miss..... friggin good, oil free, yummy to the tummy, home made chinese food. And the angel who makes it

I will .....go to sleep now, thank you..

I should try ....being more proactive, participate

And finally.... I'd like to disclose why I sat down to write this. Its because this tag was brought to me by Dr. Maddy...who has a tattoo at the sexiest place imaginable and promised me a dekko if I filled this one in. So there ;)

Monday, July 03, 2006


The believers say that sometimes when they pray hard enough, they hear God speaking to them, answering their queries and giving solutions to their problems. Speaks.... specific words.

Why is it that others dont hear Him?Do they have to be believers to be able to? Does God not listen to non-believers?

Questions and more questions, but no frigging answers


I love my food. And the bulk of it consists of meat. We Chinese love meat!!!

Now dont get me wrong and dont make that face. Dont worry, coz me anfd my family do not, contrary to popular belief, eat ANYTHING THAT MOVES. Only those average non veg stuff any Indian would eat. I relish non veg, and even though so many revelations have been made regarding cruelty to animals & the inhuman methods used to bring them to our platter, it has done nothing to curb my appetite. So, "what you dont know, you dont miss" doesnt really apply to me. But when I see goats & chickens running around on our roads (common in India) I look at them in the same way I'd look at a dog... as a cute animal, and then it evokes sympathy in me.

This still doesnt stop me, but a spark has gone off somewhere in my head.


People in love, or supposedly in love, or just plain going out, are extremely annoying people when on the phone.

Of course, its their business what they talk about, but when they talk in the midst of an (unwilling) audience -for lack of a better word, it can cause extreme irritation, specially when the tone becomes singsong, nosy and with lovey-dovey words (mostly incomprehensible gibberish) thrown in.

To one who's not in the throes of love, none of his makes any sense and are highly hilarious and often, needling.

So there are 2 options. Either people like me stuff our ears and pretend we are padded in cottonwool, or the love birds should take their 'conversations' into more solitary territories


Have been engrossed in the Soccer World cup of late. Im more of a cricket fan but there is no doubtin the magic of soccer.

Ive seen friends get extremely passionate & involved in the game. Emotions run high, adrenaline surges, and there is a palpable electricity in the air, something sorely missing in cricket.

But soccer is also synonymous with foul play, brute force, errors, that can take the sheen off the game. Now I knwo why they call Cricket The Gentleman's game.

Nevertheless, soccer is much more on my mind now than ever, and Ill be trying to follow it up.

But sometimes I muse and find it funny - the world of Sports is pretty much ball centric -basketball, tennisball, football, cricketball. See the humor? Or am i the only one with my mind in the gutter???

Wellllll, only the balls should bounce ;)


Things happening in the name of religion is always infuriating. The Meera Jasmine case in Sabarimala temple, and the Jayamala case in Ayyappa temple reeks of bigotry & foolishness. A non-hindu cant enter a temple. A wom,an is not allowed to touch the idol or get close because the God is a brahmachari (bachelor)????Women are not allowed in Mosques. C'mon!!!! As if God needs intimate contact with his children. God is omnipotent

God is one right? Then why the discrimination ? God can sense things light years away.

If there is so much of bullsh*t going on in the world, I fear to believe in the existence of God over whom so much rife & bloodshed occurs. Does being steadfastedly devoted to God make one a blessed person? There are criminals & terrorists out there who are very religious & sincere in their belief in God & his teachings, probably more than you & me! But they are not good people!!!! Religions say that atonement for their sins will come in due time, when they shall burn in hell. But what about them whose lives were made living hell by these so called believers??? Those they killed before their time? Tghose whose lives they destroyed? Maybe those good people (victims) have gone to heaven, but at what cost??If God takes away good people early then that God is a selfish God, cos good people are what we are sorely in need of today

Blamaing your ill-fortunes on God cos you havent prayed or been loyal or some such sh*t is foolish, cos your strengths & weaknesses are yours alone. If a God does exist, then that God is there to lend a helping hand. So stop blaming God , of all people for what goes wrong in your life. Or rather, stop blaming YOURSELF because you failed God. If there is a God, that God loves everyone unconditionally.

There must be so much more than I know about religious hypocrisy & bigotry. Blind rites. Customs n the like. But what I do know, makes my blood boil. All people today are bothered about is preserving their religion. Christianity fears Dan Brown & his book. Hinduism fears Christianity is trying to take over the reins in India. Some radical Islamist want to stamp their authority on others.

Hindu killing Muslim.

Muslim killing Christian

Christian killing another person, another religion.

The cycle is endless

In the end, it is human v/s human in the name of religion - blind, reasonless, explanationless, rationaleless religion

I WANT ONE RELIGION - one religion with no rules, no customs, no blind traditions, only love & care for one another

I WANT ONE GOD, and I dont want this God or religion to be given a name. Let all be one under it.

This might not be the solution. This might not even be a possibility. But it'll definitely make the world a better place.So I'll dream on. I do not recollect correctly, but the song by John Lennon rings in my ears now...

"Imagine there's no religion
Imagine all the people, living life in peace.
You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one. "