Monday, July 24, 2006



A loose adaptation of The Actor's nightmare. If you'd put urself in the actor's shoes, it would really be a nightmare. Not knowin who he is or how he got there, or worse, which play is he supposed to be in and what character is he to portray !!!! And then, as often experienced in dreams, plays, places & characters change without an explanation. The actor finds himself reciting "To be or not to be" in a play of Victorian era, and just when he was getting comfy as a KIng, he finds himself at the executioner's anvil, with the very people worshipping him a moment ago, beseeching him to give up his life for the Lord !!!!

Total chaos !!!

The play ended with a few short skits loosely related to the main play & based on Monty Python's short stories about everyday lifde & the humor in it. Two of them were exceptionally funny - One, about the Pope giving directions to Michaelangelo how to paint The last supper with one Christ and 12 disciples, instead of the three(!!!!) Christs and 28 disciples plus a kangaroo that he originally drew, citing artistic license !!!!!! The most outrageous yet, was about a woman who goes to a book store, lookin for outrageous books like David Cooperfield, Tom Sayer, or for unheard of authors, such as Great Expectations by Charles Dickenson !!! The clincher, undoubtedly, was the demand for a novel by Charles Dickens called " The Sale of two Titties" !!!!!!! After driving the store keeper bonkers, she reveals she cant actually read !!!!

Comedy rules !!!

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