Monday, July 03, 2006


I love my food. And the bulk of it consists of meat. We Chinese love meat!!!

Now dont get me wrong and dont make that face. Dont worry, coz me anfd my family do not, contrary to popular belief, eat ANYTHING THAT MOVES. Only those average non veg stuff any Indian would eat. I relish non veg, and even though so many revelations have been made regarding cruelty to animals & the inhuman methods used to bring them to our platter, it has done nothing to curb my appetite. So, "what you dont know, you dont miss" doesnt really apply to me. But when I see goats & chickens running around on our roads (common in India) I look at them in the same way I'd look at a dog... as a cute animal, and then it evokes sympathy in me.

This still doesnt stop me, but a spark has gone off somewhere in my head.

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