Saturday, July 15, 2006


Usually, I write reviews only when I like something. Those which I dont find upto the mark, i dont mind mentioning. But this time, Im going to make an exception. I shall review a play so terrible, that I had to write about it.

Friends will be friends, a play directed by Saad Khan. A play which concentrated more on props, lights, sliding panels rather tan a concrete story & good acting. Everything that could go wrong, did. The play started a half hour late. The stage was far away & I couldnt really make out much. Methought maybe my power had gone up, but an affirmation from my fellow sufferers put that doubt to rest. Pedestrian acting, and the corniest of dialogues (hindi moviesque), interminably looong gaps between sequences, flashbacks & the present, which took away the tempo (?) of the play. To top it all, an item number was thrown in too (Im assuming it was an item number since it appeared out of nowhere for no apparent reason & didnt add to the story)

The 20 minutes that I did manage to stick around were pure torture. I was actually planning to watch the entire play in the hope that it would get better, but a big thanks to Dr. Maddy for pulling me outta there.

The play was touted to be a musical. Huh??? Novels on these premises may work, but not in a play where the audience demands (and rightfully so) perfection, hard work & emotion coming through on that magical platform called the stage. Thank God for the complimentary passes.

Saad Khan, that was a really "saad" play


  1. Was just surfing...Read your review...Well i dont know who u are, but i logged in jus 2 tell u tat I really appreciate your effort 2 write a review and respect your opinion about my play!!Hope d next time around I'd be able 2 deliver "wat most pple would like"!!!Honestly, i enjoyed reading your review even though u trashed my work...Cheers...Saad Khan...

  2. Bollocks you were just surfing. You were searching for your name. Anyway, good play. I really enjoyed the ending. The car journey back home was very entertaining. Thank god for talented people like you or Bangalore theatre would've died long ago. Now it just stays bad. Keep up the good.. um, the.. work.

    -Anonmymous coward.