Monday, July 24, 2006


Evam - Double comedy - ART and Hysssssteria

Worth every rupee & every moment spent as audience to their magic

Hyssssteria was the first one I went for (sans Dr. Maddy as she had some important work & ditched yet again!!!). Ammmmmazingly hilarious is what Id rate it as. It had 2 parts - adaptations of 7 skits by MOnty Python, and secondly, a spoof on the "greatest literary work ever written" - Hamlet !!!!

The Monty Python skits were ok, since Id already seen them performed by Version One dot oh a few wks ago (refer subsequent blogs for review). But the spoof on Hamlet is what took my breath away (literally, since I couldnt stop guffawing. ) Classic, I say !!!! What really impressed me was the ready repartee of the cast, the audience participation and the presence of mind. What can I say? It was soooo good that my words dont do justice to it. You just had to see it to believe it, and have a rollickingly good time !

The other half of the double comedy package - ART, was dubbed a serious comedy. Superficially, it was anything but a comedy, since it delved deep into the shallowness of human relations. But look it from a philosophical point and you do see the comedy in it. IN other words, its the dark humor that came through. The frailty and superficial nature of human relationships were portrayed, and it was displayed that little white lies and considering other's feelings go a long way in salvaging them.

PLays at extreme ends of the spectrum

A no-brainer, and a thought provoking one.

I love Evam !!!!

Thank you Dr. Maddy for introducing me to Evam. Wish you had been there

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