Friday, July 07, 2006


Ignited minds :

The vision of our beloved president, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. And you'd be surprised to know that here is a person who's actually so passionate about his country & its people, specially children, whom he gives special mention. This book, apart from talking about his life in general, and how he was part of many advances & partnerships in defense systems, also showers a lot of praise on children, who are the future of any nation. He calls these children - the ignited minds, because from these minds will come the progress of tomorrow, the tomorrow that will be better than our world today

The book also mentions various leaps India took in the field of defense inspite of sanctions & non co-operation from the superpowers. In this period came the various missiles - Prithvi, Naag, Agni. Also the Light craft aircraft or the LCA. Also, it talks about how Brahmos came into being. Its an interesting story. This particular missile was being built in collaboration with Russia, and so the missile was named with the confluence of the names of two mighty rivers, the Moscow and the Brahmaputra.

Dr. Kalam stresses that work, low or high, done for the country is good work. The country is rich in every resource possible, and real progress is possible only when basic (agro) and modern (IT) go hand in hand. He makes one feel proud of being an Indian, even though the country is not in the best condition. He urges us to not limit ourselves to the metros alone, but to also embibe the richness of our villages and the simple but hard working people there

Dr. Kalam quotes ...
"Ignited minds are the most powerful resource on earth, and the one billion minds of our nation are indeed a great power waiting to be tapped"

Words that can be spoken only by a true son of the soil. Thats what I call motivation !

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