Sunday, July 30, 2006


This group is its own best entertainment!!!!

Im talkin about the (mental) gang of Dr. Maddy, Wild Child Shilps, Elephanto, Push-kar and to a certain extent, yours' truly

Attempts for external majaa have been disastrous with first a play (remember???) and then a movie called Lady in the Water.

Possibly one of the biggest headaches Ive had this year

To add to the misery was the incessant chatter between Push-kar and Dr. Maddy. They supposedly got married in the theatre itself, but no honeymoon was forthcoming (and just when I was lookin forward to some REAL entertainment!!! Bah !!!)

It was also Krish's bday and a gang of 7. Only person missing & sorely missed was wild child Shilps.

The weekend was enjoyable, with deliberate doses of lunacy thrown in.

What do you expect when many mad people get together???


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