Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Here I am sittin' on the pot, broken hearted.
Tried to sh*t, but only farted.
Wierd questions in my head.
Struck me to ask many of my friends, their interpretation of these contradictory statements...

"Knowledge is power, Ignorance is bliss"

I asked them what would they like to possess. Powerful knowledge of the wonders of the world, beauty, technology, how to make lives better??? Or blissful ignorance of the evil, poison, malice, hatred, terrorism, hypocrisy wars & corruption in a world so full of care, there is no time to stand & stare???

The answers were interesting... Predictably, most chose power of knowledge, and here are some interesting insights with explanations...

"Power of course!!!! We need it. Its like sunshine"

"I'd have knowledge... for bliss is not my goal"

"Its obvious its power. But its not just knowledge. Its also knowing & believing in what you have. Whats the point of having power if you dont know its worth. Power is self control & inner strength, not dominating over the other but also having the strength to be humble. The power of knowledge would help me know about good & bad. Because if you have to help the needy, then you have to have knowledge of both."

"Blend of both which are extreme necessities"

"I dont think knowledge & bliss are contradictory. One can have both in certain measures if one is smart"

And my favourite.....

"I will without doubt choose the world of knowledge. Being a non-religious person, I strive on reasoning, which leads to exploring & questioning things & maybe ends in knowledge. I think we are constantly making a choice between these two worlds, and we generally keep juggling between the two. Only a few of the likes of Buddha, Einstein, Tagore dedicate their lives to the ultimate"

If I were to ask myself the same question, Id want a bit of both. Power to make the world a better place. & ignorance of bad things. I know that ignoring things does not solve any problem, but Im not God. And I 'd like to have my own peace of mind too, bcos if I dont, then all my knowledge is useless. Its akin to an ailing patient who can breath through ventilators, but has no will to. Its self-centred I know, but Im sure I am permitted to be a little selfish.

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