Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Everybody kept saying Im too much of a clown. That Im always monkeying around, palying pranks, never serious about anything in life

They said, Get serious. I didnt give in

Their persistence paid off for them. I abandoned my carefree ways & got "serious".

That is when I felt a part of me had died. I didnt feel joyful anymore. I didnt feel like an excited little boy, anticipating a new day, new possibilites. Felt my enthusiasm & sense of humor crash at the bottom of the trash can.

It struck me. I was getting along well without being "serious". I was doing things that i was passinate about. And then, I felt I was putting in more effort being 'serious' about things that dont touch me in any way. And the clown, the prankster was bor again, and has remained so.

Life's tough... Shit happens. It is already too grim to be serious about. Life is meant to be taken with a pich of salt, not imbibed with unpleasant spices of plaguing maladies. Its upto us to make life more colorful. Yes, we do have to work hard - we do have to take responsibilties - we do have to compete.... but not at the expense of the child within

Killing that child will leave you hollow someplace inside....


So what are we gulping down ultimately? Soft drinks, or slow death. Enough has been said time & again about the alleged high content of pesticides in them (never mind the igh pesticide level in the food we eat, the water we drink !!!)

The movie Corporate dealt with this aspect of how the MNC's & politicians go hand in hand in refuting & squashing all charges (much the way it's happening these days)

Now what is more harmful? Our daily diet or these soft drinks? I cant really comment bcos Im ignorant of those aspects. An article stated that the water and crops in indian villages contain much higher levels of pesticides than aerated drinks. So whether or not we should have soft drinks with the knowledge of pesticide content is out of my scope of argument.

But being a dentist , I can tell you a telltale problem with excess soft drink consumption. The acid in the drinks dissolves the enamel of the tooth, that is harder than even the bone. After final rites in Hindu culture the bones turn to ashes, but the teeth remain intact. Imagine the destructive capacity of aerated drinks if they can erode even the tooth enamel

Aerated drinks, by virtue of their corrosiveness also retard healing of wounds. ulcers or extraction sockets in the mouth. They can also have consequences on the gastrointestinal system. causing flatulence, GI distress - apart from the risk of addiction (!)

They may not be as harmful as smoking or 'hard' drinks, but they are slow poison nevertheless, & therefore the debate whether "soft" (???) drinks have pesticides or not should end. They should be done away with completely, and for that our cricketers, tennis players, actors - who have a tremendous impact on the consumers, should stop endorsing them

Im sure there are healthier things to gulp down, and timely intervention and sensible actions will bring an end to risks associated

Monday, August 28, 2006


Anybody can point a zillion things they dont like about themselves, but I can tell you 2 things I like about myself

* Bad memory - although it can be embarrassing and an obstacle at times, I also get to enjoy things again & again without getting tired of it

* I heal easy. So many heartbreaks in life but I leave them behind and forget them pretty fast

Sunday, August 20, 2006


The recently concluded was btw Israel and the Hezbollah had for once evoked curiosity in me as to what is happenin in the world around us. Partly responsible for the piqued curiosity was a friend from Jordan who shared her views about the entire event, another one in the long list of wars being waged keeping religion as a bait.Some reading up followed & I realised there is so much that I am unaware of, being insulated against the world beyond the one I choose to enclose myself in.

I have been readin voraciously of late. Hopefully it can get me out of this cocoon around me...


Why havent i written about the MUmbai blasts yet?

Why the silence?

Already lots has been written about it, so what I write will more or less be borrowed or based on that. And although I hate to say this, but I find myslef getting increasingly opinionated. Slowly, a rage is building up against muslims in my mind.

Its downright DUMB to paint all with the same brush. All Muslims are not bad. Many have done such great service to mankind. A Muslim friend rues the fact that Islam is being given a bad name because a few people & their screwed up interpretation of Islam & its manipulation to suit their own ends.

Jihad is a holy war to protect yourself from evil elements, and there is a certain code of conduct that prohibits killing of innocent bystanders. But the entire meaning of Jihad has been changed. This brainwashing by a handful of ppl has created all the major problems in the world - Mumbai blasts, Kashmir muddle, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan, terror networks within India.

I still have Muslim pals, but soon a hatred & disbelieving wave might strike them. A disgusted friend proposes flaying the terrorists & skinning them alive in public view, make sure they die a thousand deaths before the actual one. So that they can feel the pain & misery they have been inflicting on others till now.

Although I wouldnt use such strong opinions yet, the day doesnt seem to be far away when I might find myself saying these very things, not ony against the terrorists but against the entire religion that propagates it.

I pray that day never comes....

Saturday, August 19, 2006


No inspiration

My mind is clear

Burstin' at the sutures

From efforts sheer

Its been a hard day

'N' Ive worked like a dog

Take me away, far away from this slog


Mumbai & Indore wk was a great time, free of any mental stress. Spent some time with my you-ye after a long time. Got to know my maami better, got to know Vinna better, picked up a few words in Chinese, and also figured out (at last) who's related to me and how and what's the correct way of addressing them (no wonder Chinese is called the toughest language of all)

Incessant rains failed to dampen spirits, but 1st step back in Bangalore has given tense moments. I dont know a good enough phrase in English to describe this, but in Hindi I would say ki dil me bahut ghabrahat si ho rahi hai. Dunno for what reason, but 1st night on, sleep didnt come all that easy


A write up that changed my attitude . And this is what I learnt and feel we can do

Global warming is a reality, and contrary to what we'd like to believe, each one of us has a role to play. Conservation of energy is the key. Our lifestyles today are such that we cannot do without energy usage, but we can definitely avoid wastefulness

Use public transport if possible

Walk whenever possible. It adds to ur exercise too

Switch off all electrical equipments when not in use

Keep ur house, your city, ur nation clean

Plant more trees

Each one of us owes it to another for a better livable planet for tomorrow


Things I loved about Dehradun & Mussoorie, heavens on earth where I ve lived a sizeable chunk of my life

Massive trees like guardians watching over me

Winds playing their sweet music with the leaves

If silence is golden, then I was a rich man those days

Vast open expanses, where the sky was in full unintruded view. We had no secrets from each other

The song of the birds, and not the noise of traffic

The playful squirrels, who enthralled me for hours together

The impenetrable mist, which gave me my space, and a secret space to cry in

I miss the natural surroundings, the clean air, the picturesque panoramas.

When will I see you again?


Main shaayar to nahi, but events around me inspire the poet in me occasionally. This one came from stirred emotions during my BDS farewell

The winds of time graze along

While the evening sets into

The coolness of memories

As the time to bid farewell draws near

My senses softly touch the narrow alley

Of days gone by, of memories past

Fills me, with warmth, with laughter

Don't say goodbye, for this is not the end

Say, See you soon , so that we meet again.



They say they don't care about the color of skin

Still they call us colored

You may be my brother, but the color of my skin puts me over the rainbow

And that of yours pushes you into the depths of veiled darkness

I see the blue of the sky, the green of the earth

Broken wings, and a little hurt

Shadows touch me like might a stranger

A little of that, & I drift away

Its all or nothing

Cuts me into 2, and takes the better half

Just another sunrise, the world looks just the same

Stranded between the cold sun & colder shadows still

Beached here in the tangles of loneliness

The end mirrors the beginning

Imperceptible zest, subtle dreams

I take the suffering of the mountains in my arms

And the dark water drags me under

Means to an end, & an end in itself

I let you cry, I let let you live, I let you die

The fabric of the past is torn from patches

And sewn with the threads of memories

Luck is what happens when fate gets tired of waiting

Each heartbeat, an ocean of possibilities....

Friday, August 18, 2006


A monument in its own right

The light of enlightenment in Wynberg Allen, my School in Mussoorie

The shining beacon on campus, under which we attained true enlightenment.

Under it shot forth the filthiest thoughts from our minds, some classics in their own way.

At no place has such inspiration struck us. I caught on much later, and that was my 1st tryst with minddirt...


Why are the days so short?

The nights so lonely?

An aching heart

A lonely soul

Chasms between

Hollow inside

Waves crashing against

The heart

Winds carrying

A scent of melancholy

Ears sense some mellow music

Why are the eyes so moist?

They well up at a name

Heart, mind

Mere mortality

My conscience craves

Footsteps of the past

Hinder footsteps asunder

Dig deep & find intent

Purpose flawed or flawless fraudulence?


There is a certain madness in this world

* A guitarist who wouldnt stop strumming violently even through bleeding fingers

* A singer who beat up his pals because they remembered lyrics that he forgot

* A biker who ripped at breakneck speeds inspite of almost losing his legs thrice in past accidents

* People who are too good to be true, but they do exist

*A compulsive liar whocouldnt utter one word of truth

* A possesive woman who couldnt get over her man even after 2 years of a violent breakup

*Love when you least expect it

*Heartbreak when you know it is due


Another senseless poll by yours truly....

I asked, How would my kids look like if I got married to a gal with a dark complexion?

Some of the answers =

Zebra like with black & white stripes

Chocolate color

Coffee color

Like a Jackfruit, dark & spiky outside and yellow inside

And an expected but still humorous answer was that the kids would be darker in color coz my wife would have them from someone else !!!!