Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Everybody kept saying Im too much of a clown. That Im always monkeying around, palying pranks, never serious about anything in life

They said, Get serious. I didnt give in

Their persistence paid off for them. I abandoned my carefree ways & got "serious".

That is when I felt a part of me had died. I didnt feel joyful anymore. I didnt feel like an excited little boy, anticipating a new day, new possibilites. Felt my enthusiasm & sense of humor crash at the bottom of the trash can.

It struck me. I was getting along well without being "serious". I was doing things that i was passinate about. And then, I felt I was putting in more effort being 'serious' about things that dont touch me in any way. And the clown, the prankster was bor again, and has remained so.

Life's tough... Shit happens. It is already too grim to be serious about. Life is meant to be taken with a pich of salt, not imbibed with unpleasant spices of plaguing maladies. Its upto us to make life more colorful. Yes, we do have to work hard - we do have to take responsibilties - we do have to compete.... but not at the expense of the child within

Killing that child will leave you hollow someplace inside....

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  1. Nice to read this blog and also that this serious boy has turn up to be a joker.But hope u know that a joker always has a two sided face.You must have gone thru bad days but as far as my experience stop joking/fooling around all the time when its not needed.