Sunday, August 20, 2006


Why havent i written about the MUmbai blasts yet?

Why the silence?

Already lots has been written about it, so what I write will more or less be borrowed or based on that. And although I hate to say this, but I find myslef getting increasingly opinionated. Slowly, a rage is building up against muslims in my mind.

Its downright DUMB to paint all with the same brush. All Muslims are not bad. Many have done such great service to mankind. A Muslim friend rues the fact that Islam is being given a bad name because a few people & their screwed up interpretation of Islam & its manipulation to suit their own ends.

Jihad is a holy war to protect yourself from evil elements, and there is a certain code of conduct that prohibits killing of innocent bystanders. But the entire meaning of Jihad has been changed. This brainwashing by a handful of ppl has created all the major problems in the world - Mumbai blasts, Kashmir muddle, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan, terror networks within India.

I still have Muslim pals, but soon a hatred & disbelieving wave might strike them. A disgusted friend proposes flaying the terrorists & skinning them alive in public view, make sure they die a thousand deaths before the actual one. So that they can feel the pain & misery they have been inflicting on others till now.

Although I wouldnt use such strong opinions yet, the day doesnt seem to be far away when I might find myself saying these very things, not ony against the terrorists but against the entire religion that propagates it.

I pray that day never comes....

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