Saturday, August 19, 2006


They say they don't care about the color of skin

Still they call us colored

You may be my brother, but the color of my skin puts me over the rainbow

And that of yours pushes you into the depths of veiled darkness

I see the blue of the sky, the green of the earth

Broken wings, and a little hurt

Shadows touch me like might a stranger

A little of that, & I drift away

Its all or nothing

Cuts me into 2, and takes the better half

Just another sunrise, the world looks just the same

Stranded between the cold sun & colder shadows still

Beached here in the tangles of loneliness

The end mirrors the beginning

Imperceptible zest, subtle dreams

I take the suffering of the mountains in my arms

And the dark water drags me under

Means to an end, & an end in itself

I let you cry, I let let you live, I let you die

The fabric of the past is torn from patches

And sewn with the threads of memories

Luck is what happens when fate gets tired of waiting

Each heartbeat, an ocean of possibilities....

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