Tuesday, August 29, 2006


So what are we gulping down ultimately? Soft drinks, or slow death. Enough has been said time & again about the alleged high content of pesticides in them (never mind the igh pesticide level in the food we eat, the water we drink !!!)

The movie Corporate dealt with this aspect of how the MNC's & politicians go hand in hand in refuting & squashing all charges (much the way it's happening these days)

Now what is more harmful? Our daily diet or these soft drinks? I cant really comment bcos Im ignorant of those aspects. An article stated that the water and crops in indian villages contain much higher levels of pesticides than aerated drinks. So whether or not we should have soft drinks with the knowledge of pesticide content is out of my scope of argument.

But being a dentist , I can tell you a telltale problem with excess soft drink consumption. The acid in the drinks dissolves the enamel of the tooth, that is harder than even the bone. After final rites in Hindu culture the bones turn to ashes, but the teeth remain intact. Imagine the destructive capacity of aerated drinks if they can erode even the tooth enamel

Aerated drinks, by virtue of their corrosiveness also retard healing of wounds. ulcers or extraction sockets in the mouth. They can also have consequences on the gastrointestinal system. causing flatulence, GI distress - apart from the risk of addiction (!)

They may not be as harmful as smoking or 'hard' drinks, but they are slow poison nevertheless, & therefore the debate whether "soft" (???) drinks have pesticides or not should end. They should be done away with completely, and for that our cricketers, tennis players, actors - who have a tremendous impact on the consumers, should stop endorsing them

Im sure there are healthier things to gulp down, and timely intervention and sensible actions will bring an end to risks associated

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