Saturday, September 16, 2006


All of a sudden I find myself charged up.

So many ideas

So many thoughts

So many possibilities

So many hopes

But will they be accomplished?

Will I be able to achieve what I desire?

Will I like what I do and where I go?

What if the hurdles are greater than my enthusiasm?

So many questions

And they will be answered only once Ive lived and toiled

Looking forward, looking ahead


Its crazy

Once upon a time, I'd feel awkward & out of place because I didnt smoke. Of course, I have never beencurious nor wanted to get into this deleterious habit. But often, I somehow felt inferior(?) and uncool because of this abstinence.

A lot of associations, both good & bad, that happen over a cancer stick never happened with me. But after all these years, knowin what the stick can do, I no longer desire to achive that false euphoria. I rather keep my health than make acquaintances over it. I proudly tell people I dont smoke, and I feel pity for the poor souls caught in the redundant routine of this adherent habit, so hard to ditch.

All I can do is pray for them, hope that they realsie the folly they are exposing everyone around them to, sooner or later

Friday, September 15, 2006


You can have met as strangers

And then gone on to be best of friends

You can have fought along the way, maybe even parted ways painfully

You can have gotten together again, a tearful reunion

There comes a time when you feel you will never be separated again

There comes a time when you get the feeling, that you must let them go

When you hold no more a place in their heart and mind, you know its time to let go of the memories, of the person

I release you ...

Saturday, September 02, 2006


Where I work !

Or rather, where i USED to work till yesterday. Ive worked here 7 months and Ive never known when time has just flown by.

The valuable experience & knowledge Ive gained here, and the immense confidence the staff, Dr. Jacob & Dr. Madhan have given me has been an excellent experience. The extreme co-operation & jovial nature of the assistants & support staff was also a boon. And what I learnt most was that expertise in treatment is not the only thing. Ethical decisions & utmost concern for patients is paramount. Also, never let your ego come in between. If you are wrong, accept the fact, instead of making the patient go through a torrid time just because you cant accept your folly. There are many who hate the fact that this hospital is doing so well. There is a lot of professional jealousy, while on the other hand many dont think this place is worth it. People may say what they like, but nobody will ever understand the worth of this place unless they've been a part of it

Ive been part of this beautiful place, and I know that my initial misgivings about this place were unfounded.

Rightly said, we are one big family now :)


Yeah ! Such days have also come for me. My roomie works early morning shifts so he sleeps early. And the living room is always livid with blaring sound of the tv.

That leaves me with only one place to sit & study.

Yes.... exactly the place you see in the picture.

The LOO !!!