Saturday, September 02, 2006


Where I work !

Or rather, where i USED to work till yesterday. Ive worked here 7 months and Ive never known when time has just flown by.

The valuable experience & knowledge Ive gained here, and the immense confidence the staff, Dr. Jacob & Dr. Madhan have given me has been an excellent experience. The extreme co-operation & jovial nature of the assistants & support staff was also a boon. And what I learnt most was that expertise in treatment is not the only thing. Ethical decisions & utmost concern for patients is paramount. Also, never let your ego come in between. If you are wrong, accept the fact, instead of making the patient go through a torrid time just because you cant accept your folly. There are many who hate the fact that this hospital is doing so well. There is a lot of professional jealousy, while on the other hand many dont think this place is worth it. People may say what they like, but nobody will ever understand the worth of this place unless they've been a part of it

Ive been part of this beautiful place, and I know that my initial misgivings about this place were unfounded.

Rightly said, we are one big family now :)

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