Monday, October 16, 2006


What is with our elders & their fascination of getting us married? As if the sole purpose of their existence is the see us walk to the altar / tie the knot / exchange vows! I do realize that this is a matter of genuine joy to them, but do they have to have it at the expense of the person involved? If they want to look out for a girl or a guy for you, they are most welcome to go ahead with it, but lease stop eating our heads over it. There is something called doing things discreetly. The “In your face” approach is vulgar and intrusive. Imagine everywhere you go, people gushing, “Arre ! Kitna bada ho gaya hai. Ab to aapko iska shaadi kara dena chaahiye.” As if we have nothing better to do in life !

It is said that the best way to make them shut up is to tell them at someone’s funeral – “ You’re next.” If only it were so easy. I try putting them off by telling them I’m not marrying for another 15 years ( not true but…), but that only opens another Pandora’s box of animated discussions.

Oh, our elders !!!


  1. oh a new template!..sadly it jars...revert pronto.
    thats right...agree with you..ppl hv no business in 'helping' your parents/elders, make your most important decision in life!

  2. naaaa...that jars! the new template i mean.revert pronto.
    i had posted a comment this morning...but it seems to hv vanished!

  3. Well said!!! i guess i'll post this to my parents but i guess but "that will only open another Pandora’s box of animated discussions."

  4. OMG!!!! this blog of yours mirror my thoughts. If I were to write it, then it will be very similar to this one. Honestly, I hate these conversations at any get together.