Sunday, November 19, 2006


Top left =

Feblin ( Febla ) : The gentlest soul ever, my bestest friend, who's gettin married in February. Sob & hurrah ! Dont wanna let her go

Socrates (Soc) : Ever smilin', ever enthu, ever optimistic. Partner in many adventures. Is always there for you

Madhu (Maddy) : The looniest of the lot, can brighten the gloomiest of days. Is a child & a woman at the same time. Lowe !

Deepti (Dips) : Just married ! Changed from hunterwali to bheegi billi gharelu aurat. Always has a trick up her sleeve but of late , the biggest fuski

Kshitij (Joe) : Extremely humble & selfless, he is a great guy. Guys like him are rare & its a pleasure to be his buddy

Bikash (Bhiku Mhatre) : Dont let his innocent looks deceive you. Big chupa rustam. Always out lookin' for fun and a great buddy

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