Friday, November 17, 2006


Some of the interesting nicknames I've had over the years :

Ching chong chowmein :
The commonest. This is an abbreviated form. Add as many consonants & rhyming word and that would be it. Used so oft that now it makes no impression on me. So looking at the brighter side, thank you all for de-sensitizing me

By those who could not pronounce my first name, this was an easier way out for them

Pretty cheeks :
Came after a Play in my Alma mater, Wynberg Allen, Mussoorie. The make up man plastered foundation & rouge on me, Result? Glowing pink cheeks. The girls in the audience from the neighbouring school were thrilled !

Chicken :
Also came in Wynberg. I chickened out of playing a prank on a girl. After all, it was my first week in a co-ed, and I was mighty shy of girls.

Spicy Chinese:
The latest in the line. Came up over a dinner of spicy chinese food ;) Dr. M has concocted many such names for me but this gets the Nobel.

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  1. so what's the right way to pronounce your name?? ;)