Sunday, November 19, 2006


The issue of what people eat, is a sensitive one, though seldom given much thought. What one eats is not only governed by the availability in the geographical region, but also by personal likes & dislikes and also the personal following.

On what you follow. Who you follow

Who gave us the right to judge someone on the basis of what they eat? Prejudices against people of North eastern origin, of Chinese or Japanese origin. Of people of any origin that consumes food that others consider inappropriate.

Prejudice against the other caste or society that eats an animal considered unholy in another following.

It may be revolting to the senses, but stop voicing it aloud. You wouldn't want them pointing out your fallacies in life, would you?


  1. Yeah!

    So totally agree and yet am being hypocritical when i do...don't judge on the basis of what you eat, wear etc...
    As hypocrisy is the bane and yet the essence of existence...we r all judgemental and prejudiced by nature or nurture.Few people's pride will even allow them to acknowledge such a fact that they r prejudiced

  2. I have had personal experiences. living in India all my life, i take these ignorant remarks with a pich of salt. But sometimes it gets to me and i dont understand how people can be so hidebound!

  3. I know what you mean. But I've made my peace with the fact that there will always be people who do not want to rid themselves of their prejudices. They are the kinds who ask me "how these people can eat their smelly boiled food" and also the kinds who ask me "so what IS the deal with you indian people smelling like curry all the time?"

    But there are also those who are tolerant. and who love watching bollywood movies with me without understanding a word of hindi.. and translate every foreign word when I am sitting with them. It's just more pleasant to hang around these people :) few as their numbers may be!