Sunday, November 26, 2006


Casino Royale, the first novel in the series of 007 novels by Ian Fleming. Also, the movie which introduces the new Bond, who's darker, more human, massively egoistic and overconfident, with his fallacies and aided by a lot of luck rather than invulnerability usually associated with heroes.

Daniel Craig is not good looking in the conventional sense of the word. He is rustic, rugged, and a far cry from the men who've portrayed Bond before him. But he plays the character with panache. The movie was touted as the one which depicts how James became Bond 007, which in actuality was not really explained more than in fleeting sentences.

In spite of the impressive performances and finer nuances of the movie, it did not give me the feel of a Bond movie. Not because of the missing gadgets (trademark Bond), but because it seemed like any other spy-action thriller. Also, not having any knowledge of card games, I failed to understand what exactly transpired on that table in Casino Royale.

Eva Green looked ravishing yet simple at the same time. Enjoyed Daniel Craig's performance. Couldn't help wondering that he would have done a great job portraying the brooding Howard Roark from Fountainhead, authored by Ayn Rand (those who've read the novel would agree with me I surmise).

On the whole
, I came out mightily impressed. I had thought that Pierce Brosnan "looked" like the best Bond, but Craig has changed my perception in every possible way. Here's to the new Bond..... James Bond.

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